The Diary of Anne Frank

Introduction to the Play and Formative Assessments.


TEK 8,3 (C) explain how the values and beliefs of particular characters are affected by the historical and cultural setting of the literary work.

The Pre-assessment: KWL

Ask the students to brainstorm and list what they already know about Anne Frank. This is done individually. Teacher walks around and observes responses.

View: A 5 minute biographical video about Anne Frank

Formative Assessment: Fact Storming in a group of 3-4 students. (25 Quick Formative Assessments pg. 32-34) Ask students to sequence as many events as they can remember from the video and discuss how they might have affected the behavior and attitudes of Anne.

Speak: Differentiation:

Turn and Talk (pg. 80)

Rearrange groups so that students who listed fewer events are now grouped with students who listed more events and they share what they have/discuss.

Experience: Read the Play: Act 1

Formative Assessment: At the end of Act 1, have the students do a Quick Write (pg. 56). Ask the students to write about how the historical setting contributed to the arise of conflict between the family members.

Finish the Play: Act II

Formative Assessment: At the end of Act II, have the students create a Headline/News Summary (pg. 82). In groups of 2, students will create a headline and a one or two sentence summary that captures the mood and significance of the ending of the play.

Transform: Summative Assessment

Using the headline the students created, they will write an article about the family.


Five Formative assessments; two individually, and three in groups.

Give completion grades as desired.

Summative assessment counts as project or test grade.

Created by 8th grade ELA.