Proper Medical Disposal

By: Hanna Inman

Proper Medical Disposal Class

This class is to educate citizens on how to properly dispose of their medications. This class will also cover the proper DEA forms that will need to be filled out if done in a pharmacy.


Proper Medical Disposal

Monday, Feb. 8th, 8-10am

180 High School Road

Reidsville, NC

What if Medications Are Improperly Disposed?

  • When drugs are flushed down a toilet the become apart of the publics water supply. Filtering systems are in place, but are not made to remove drugs.
  • Drugs can get inti the wrong hands and can become abused by people.
  • Taking the wrong drugs or expired drugs is also extremely dangerous.

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Proper Ways for The Public to Dispose Medications

  • Only flush down the toilet if instructed to on the bottle.
  • Find a local area center that disposes of unused and expired drugs.
  • Transfer unused medications registered with the DEA.

Proper Ways to Dispose Medications (DEA Forms)

  • If returning medications to supplier and official DEA Form 222 must be filled out.
  • Sending to "Reverse Distributor" also causes for an official DEA Form 222 to be filled out.
  • If you recieve permission to destroy onsite from the DEA the use official DEA Form 41.
  • Records must be kept for two years.
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