World Religions

--By Xinqiu Huang


Hinduism is the oldest living and the third biggest religion in the world. It is a independent religion that separate from Buddhism or Jainism.

"Hinduism conceives the whole world as a single family that deifies the one truth, and therefore it accepts all forms of beliefs and dismisses labels of distinct religions which would imply a division of identity."( Wikipedia)

Hinduism have a lots of freedom, so they don't have the concept of apostasy, heresy and blasphemy. The major scriptures are Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Manusmriti, Bhagavad Gita and Agamas.

Basics of Hinduism by Gauri Maheshwari (Danielle Riordan)


Buddhism is based on teaching attributes to Siddhartha Gautama. We called him Buddha, which means the " awakened one". He shared his insight to help sentient beings end their suffering through the elimination of ignorance by way of understanding and the seeing of dependent origination and the elimination of desire, and thus the attainment of the cessation of all suffering, known as the sublime state of nirvāņa.(wiki)
Buddha A Documentary About Buddhism - YouTube


It is a monotheistic religion. It is includes a wide corpus of texts, practices, theological positions and form of organization. And it is one of the three most famous religions. Their belief are most come from Torah.(God's inspiration give human direct and guidance. The Judaism and Christianity are both believe same god but Judaism don't believe Jesus is the son of God.
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World Religions: Judaism


Christianity is a religion stem from Judaism, but it break away from Judaism. So Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism are the 3 famous and biggest religions. In Christianity there are 4 original fin -- Genesis, sin, atonement, and immortality. For Christianity, Yahweh is the only god, he is the creator of the world. He is the perfect being.

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Christianity from Judaism to Constantine: Crash Course World History #11


Islam's faith including theory and practice. The theory part include believe Allah, angles, Sutra, a person of foresight, afterworld and fore-end. Practice include religion service, Shahada, abstain from meat and wine, and Pilgrimage. For Islam, Allah is the only god.
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What is Islam? Explanation of the religion of Islam.