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Marvin Lopez

Battlesaurus Rampage at Waterloo

  • Brian Falkner


Napoleon changes the events of waterloo. Which was a crucial defeat for Napoleon in history. He brings back dinosaurs as a secret weapon, and at first it like how do stop the dinosaurs. Especially with the guns that are available in this era of time.

Down In The Dumps

If i could remove anyone it would be Napoleon. He is the main antagonist and without him there would be no conflict. He unleashed dinosaur's to help him win Waterloo, which is cheating.

Fab Five's Fav's

  • ''This small beer taste like muddy water, sir. How's a man supposed to get drunk drunk on this'' -Wacker. They weren't meant to get drunk increase a battle were to happen at night they could point their guns straight.
  • " The British run away with their tails between their legs, and we drink their champagne from their own crystal,'' -Napoleon. Napoleon was describing an attack on the British and that was the conclusion.
  • ''Even I start to doubt my own sanity,'' -Willem. Willem was told that the things he saw was his imagination, but it wasn't.
  • ''Surely such creatures exist only in fairly tales'' -Willem. Willem was talking about dinosaurs for the first time.
  • ''State your name and your rank, or risk being shot as spies,'' -Midshipman. The shipmate was just poking fun to a fellow British soldier who was unaware of where he was.

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Plot Summary

This is a story about the battle of Waterloo in 1815. But in this adventure dinosaurs are still alive. The European jungles have smaller dinosaurs and the Americas have the larger more scarier dinosaurs. Napoleon has managed to obtain a large scarier dino from the Americas and brought it to the battlefield. Will it give him the upper hand? Is it enough to win?

Face To Face

  1. Now that you think about it how was it going against one of the strongest armies on your side of the world?
  • At first it was scary but once we found out England had our back I knew had a legitimate chance.
  1. Were you kind of excited when you first heard of the massive dinosaur considering the dinosaurs in Europe don't come near in size?
  • It's kind of hard to be excited about a giant dinosaur that is trying to kill you.
  1. How scary is it knowing the dictator of France wanted you dead?
  • It's was very scary people are willing to do drastic thing for some knowledge.
  1. Did you have any second thoughts about trusting people?
  • Yes, I did. You never know who's a spy or who's willing to turn you in for some fortune.
  1. With you being so young were you at all overwhelmed with such a big task?
  • It got overwhelming at times, but it gets harder and harder to stop with so much motivation to take down Napoleon?
  1. Was there any doubt in your mind that you might not survive?
  • There was little doubt I am 1 man sought by an entire army, but I knew my duty and I wasn't going to let anyone get in my way.
  1. Would you do this all again?
  • 10 out 10 would do again. This experience has made me a better man.