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Get to know Kenric!

Q&A with Kenric!

Today we are going to interview a character from Vivan Vande Velde's Heir Apparent! Kenric has agreed to answer some questions for us."So Kenric," I start, "How would you describe the magic you use?" "Magic is very interesting,"He says. "It satesfies me. It helps me help the ruler if I wish to, and it is highly beneficial in other thing as well." "What would you predict would have happened if King Janine had not found the magic ring that compels the wearer to do the owner's bidding?" I ask."I think she would have survived fine until her coronation then that part of the game would be incomplete and she would die, thus endangering the realm making it open for threats to the kingdom to claim the throne."He replies. "Now," I say,"What jugements can be made about Sir Deming?" "Ah." He says, "I have very mixed feelings about Sir Deming. The man acts like a puppet, used and controlled by royalty. He has an obesquious attitude and was influnced by her majesty the Queen to hate the princess when that was the wrong thing to do. He can be useful at times but on the whole, I dont like him very much." "Ah," I say." precisley what I was thinking. I know this is a bit personal, but does Queen Andreanna treat you well as a mother?" Slowly came the reply, " Kind of. But she coddles us only because she wants us to like her so she can control us while one of us is king. That is why she hates Janine.""What are the differences between the old king and the new?", I press, "My father had very harsh laws. Janine is very lenient. If a peasant had poached something my father would have killed him and Janine would have sentenced him to do small labor for a certain amount of time depending on the situation." He says. "Now, here's a question. How could you prove Janine is the real king and not just a scam to make the people like the government better? How do we know if you are not lying to us and going against the king's wishes?" I try to say that in a neutral tone of voice but I can't help showing a little of my anger. "Because," Kenric says, " You have seen that her majesty the Queen despises Janine and wanted one of us to be king as the rightful heir to the throne. without Janine, one of us would be the king and she would be behind the curtains pulling the strings while we bowed to her wishes. And needless to say, I am a prince and it would be foolish to doubt the words of a prince. You know what happens to people who do that." " Okay," I say although I am not really that convinced, "Now to a less serious topic, How would you summarize the story of Janine getting the ring?" "Ah," Kenric says, "That's easy! Janine meets her father who tells her about the ring, she gets sir Deming to take her there, she meets Ferdiona, she gets her instructions, she makes up a poem off the spot, and gets the ring. Its simple, really." How could Janine be better than the old king?" I ask "Janine could make more lenient laws and treat the peasants better. My father sometimes cheated and played dirty to get what he wanted. I presume Janine will be a fair and just king." "Last question," I say, "How is Janine similar to the late king,?" "She is very brave and headstrong. I hope she will do well in her reign and prosper "Well that's that! Thanks for coming, Kenric!"