Exhibition- Urban sprawl

by: Peter!!

Reflection 1

I feel bad about this because like Urban sprawl is not going to be a good thing and if more and more trees are cut down, than animals will not have a good shelter. And people are starting to cut more trees down because they wants the wood to build more houses and cut down trees so there will be an empty area for building trees. Then there will be a lot of people will move in to the houses and they will be building more houses because they need houses for people to live and that is bad because you need to cut more trees to get wood and then the environment will be bad after all.

I think that people should stop doing this because it is bad for the earth and the environment. I want to learn about why do we have Urban sprawl and why people don't stop doing this. I am worried that some day the world will get trillions of people living on earth and it will be so bad if that happened also I am worried that maybe someday that there are going to be no trees on this planet if we don't stop it or start planting some more trees......

Reflection 2

The Lerner Profile that I choose is thinker because I think I did a lot of research and I think I did a lot of thinking on urban sprawl, I think that urban sprawl is very bad for the environment. The second Lerner profile is Inquirer because I did a lot of research and search for the informations. I record the informations in my notebook.

I researched a lot on Exhibition and we are starting to plan the art project, I got the Idea of making a Diorama in the weekend. My ideas was to work more hard and get more informations maybe in books or the news.

Our group is working good from when we started and now, maybe we will have some conflict when we are deciding what art project should we do.

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Reflection 4

The two skills that I used in my project is recording data, I record data when I got the information I need from the internet, and then I record it so I could use it on my project. The second skills is organizing data, I organize my data so I could see it better and look at it better. I put that type of data to the left side and I put the other type of data to the other side. I found most of the research on the website. The most challenging project is that the website and you have to go online to see it and copy it down, That was really hard. And also the copying the informations down, that was really hard too.
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Reflection 5

The attitudes that I choose for the artistic component is respect, I respect my other group members when we are working on the artistic component, I listen to their ideas and I won't argue with them. The other attitudes is cooperation because we work together respectfully and we don't argue with different ideas that we have and we care about other. The attitudes that my group members have displayed is creativity because they have a lot of good creative ideas that I don't know. Like the skyscraper, I did not even know that idea and that is actually a good idea.
Urban Sprawl

Reflection 6

My contributions to the media component is I give some Ideas to my partner to let them know what to do.

Our media component could be improved by adding more pictures than words on the website, and make it creative.

I feel I contributed fairly because each person in our group did one page of our website.

Reflection 8

I enjoyed when I interviewed Fikayo and Mark in the presentation, also when Fikayo said at the end that if we could do it, then you can do it too. That was an exciting Part.

We had used these presentation skills, we maintaining eye contact, we speak loudly, and we speak clearly.

The most challenging part for our group is to plan, we had different ideas of presenting, but we have to chose one, so we just vote on what we liked the most, and we decide to do a news broadcast.

The three points that the audience learned is our lines of inquiry, why is urban sprawl bad, and the ways we could fix it.

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Reflection 9

The keywords I recall about another group's presentation, here is from the climate change group, they said that if you just close the light while you are gone from another room, then you will let the polar bears live longer. And here is what I learned from antibiotic group, is that some mistakes is by the doctor who did bacterias and some good bacterias kills good bacterias, but it doesn't happen a lot.

The questions that I have in my mind right now is when do people actually stop urban sprawl.