Individual Interaction

Megan Lopez

Why I have the friends I do

  • Allison- Proximity
  • Tori- Proximity
  • Jordan- Exposure
  • Selena- Approval
  • Kim- Approval
  • Morgan- Proximity
  • Emma- Approval

Important Traits

  1. Smart
  2. Kind
  3. Respectful
  4. Good music taste
  5. Open-minded


  • All police officers are pigs
  • That homeless people will attack me
  • Creepy mustaches are pedophiles
  • That white males think they are entitled (Mr. Wolf)

Generational Identity

I interviewed my step mom, Irene.

I asked her about abortion, gays, and welfare.


I asked her when someone mentions abortion, how does she feel. She then answered that she feels like it's the woman's choice and no one else has a say in what happens to her body. I completely agreed, I believe that what happens to her, is her choice.

Gay rights:

I asked her how she feels about gays and she said that she doesn't think it's right. She thinks that they have the right to be married. I believe that it's completely natural and it's their right to get married.


She believes that the whole system is messed up and that she thinks that there should be a limit. That it should only be given to people who are struggling. I believe that too.

We are both pretty open-minded and I think that's why we believe the same things.