Leopard Seal

By Brooke


The Leopard seal is a large and muscular with a dark grey back, light grey with black spots. There can grow up to 2.4m-3.5m and weight up to 200 to 600kg.


The leopard seal can eat almost everything including penguins ,fish , squid and seals. They will chase or grab penguins in the water.

Enemis or Predators

The leopard seal only have one Predators which is a killer whales.


Leopard seals are found in the Antarctic and sub-Antanctic waters


The Female leopard give birth to a single pup during the summer on a floating ice


Leopard seals whiskers feel for fish in the dark.It helps the leopard seal by finding food.
Leopard seals bodys are shaped to go in water and that they have flippers.This helps the leopard seal to swim and move around on land.

deffence / offence

The leopard seal is built for speed. They tend to protect themselves in the water by swimming away. Leopard Seals can move their bodies in many ways to protect themselves and any pups they may have. They can swim up to 24 miles per hour and 20 metres deep.