Space Project

Topic: Space Tourism

What is space tourism?

Space tourism is where particpants pay for a flight in space. Alot of people have been dreaming to go to space and think that you can only go there if your an astronaut, but is that true? People think that it's "futuristic."

How Much Does It Cost?

A ticket to go up in space costs anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000,000! The space companies are thinking about taking the price down to $20,000! However, there will be a discount if you work in that space company! The amount of discount depends on which company you work at.

How Much Time Can You Stay Up In Space?

It takes 5 days to get the rocket up into space and to see everything it takes 2 days. That's basically a week. The same rule goes to the amount of time to stay up in space, if you want your flight to be longer you have to work with the company that is going to make the orbit.