By: Brandon and Brianna


Biomass: is any organic matter

Examples: Woods, crops, sewage, animal waste

How to make biomass into a energy source

  • Fermentation
  • Burning
  • Bacterial Decay
  • Conversion

Renewable or NonRenewable

Biomass is a renewable energy source

Brief History:

Biomass is our oldest source of energy after the sun. For thousands of years, people have burned wood to heat their homes and cook their food

Environmental Impact:

  • Biomass has some advantages over fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum.

  • Biomass contains little sulfur and nitrogen, so it does not produce the pollutants that can cause acid rain.

Major Uses:

  • Biomass is mostly used for Industry

  • Next biggest user is for Transportation

  • Electric Utilities

Why should use Biomass?

  • Biomass does not produce fossil fuels that pollute the air.

  • Also such as growing plants for the use of biomass fuels can keep the carbon dioxide levels balanced.

  • Biomass has reusable resources that we can use over and over again