ISD Summer Math Institute

Apply for two days of mathtastic fun with your colleagues!

Summer Math Institute Opportunity

Staff Development Educators (SDE) will equip teachers with research based, ready to use strategies tools and materials to maximize student understanding.

ISD Math Institute

Monday, July 11th, 8:30pm to Tuesday, July 12th, 3:30pm

201 North Forest Avenue

Independence, MO

Apply to join your colleagues and receive strategies and manipulatives to build student mathematical understanding. UMKC college credit will be offered. Follow the link below to apply. The deadline is Thursday, March 24th, 2016.

QUESTIONS? Contact Dr. Beth Savidge at 816-521-5464 or ISD Extension 10015

Day 1 & 2: Early Numeracy and Early Model Drawing, Grades K-1

  1. Teachers will learn numerous strategies for teaching conceptually and helping students visualize math.
  2. Teachers will learn concrete and pictorial strategies for teaching foundational concepts focused on building number sense, knowledge of place value, and making tens.

Day 1: Foundations of Number Sense, Grades 2-5

  1. Teachers will understand how to build a deeper understanding of numbers and place value understanding.
  2. Teachers will learn concrete and pictorial strategies for teaching foundational concepts focused on building number sense, knowledge of place value, and making tens.
  3. Teachers will acquire activities for using manipulatives and visual models to help students visualize math strategies.
  4. Teachers will acquire strategies to teach mental math, so students are able to mentally decompose numbers and rearrange them in different ways.

Day 2: Problem-Solving with Model Drawing, Grades 2-5

  1. Teachers will understand the role of visualization in problem solving.
  2. Teachers will learn to use part/whole and comparison graphic organizers for word problems and step by step model for solving word problems from start to finish.
  3. Teachers will understand how algebraic readiness begins in the early grades and learn techniques that build foundations for algebraic thinking.

K-2 Participants will receive a Primary Math Tools Kit

TOOLS such as...

  • Magnetic Ten Frame Boards
  • Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set
  • Rekenrek Classroom Kit
  • Greg Tang Equato 4 Pack - 3 sets

3-5 Participants will receive an Intermediate Math Tools Kit

Tools such as...

  • Polyhedral Dice

  • ETA hand2mind, Interlox Base Ten Blocks

  • Place Value Disks

  • Greg Tang Class Kit

Kristin Hilty

Kristin Hilty incorporates 17 years of teaching experience into her idea-packed trainings. She’s taught special education students, elementary grades 2-5, and she’s led her district in the implementation of Singapore Math strategies and the adoption of Math in Focus series. Her passion for teaching combined with her experience using Singapore Math methods in the classroom drives her to share the effectiveness of the Singapore Math approach with colleagues – and leave teachers revitalized and eager to implement her ideas.

Eliza Thomas

Eliza Thomas is the director of a consortium of 22 Montana school districts serving more than 11,000 students. Currently, she supports districts with writing and refining curriculum, creating pacing and curriculum maps, developing common assessments, increasing background knowledge through vocabulary, as well as supporting teachers and instructional coaches with content development and classroom instruction through ongoing and sustainable professional development. Eliza also provides professional development workshops at the local, state, and national levels in her signature topic, math instruction; however, she supports her consortium school districts in a wide range of content. Eliza is passionate about creating relationships through teacher and student engagement, expecting rigor in research-based instruction using promising practices, and establishing relevance within content.