All about Latin America!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Nate Keller

The beautiful physical features of Brazil

Brazil is a great country with many beautiful things to see including its physical features. One such of these is the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest takes up 1.2 billion acres of land, it is mostly in Brazil with 60% being in Brazil, it also creates 1/3 of the world's air and has many animals and plants. Another one of these features is the Amazon River.the Amazon River,at 6400 km long, is the world's second largest river, it runs through the Amazon Rainforest and is also very wide. One physical feature in Brazil that I would love to see is the Iguazu Falls. The Iguazu Falls is actually 275 water falls that span 5 km, the highest fall is 64 meters high and the others are an average of 30 to 40 meters high.It looks incredibly amazing and beautiful and I would love to go there. Those were some of Brazil's physical features.

Cuba's not so amazing government

Cuba has an interesting government, the type of government that Cuba has is an autocracy, a dictatorship to be more specific . Their current leader is Raul Castro who is their "president" but really he's the dictator. He will be "president" for as long as he can or wants to be. A major problem in Cuba is that the people have no freedom, they can not really make their own choices or say what they believe in. This is a huge problem because humans should be able to say what they think. That is some information on Cuba and its government.
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Venezuela's major oil pollution problem

Venezuela has had a major problem over the years, oil spills and oil related pollution. Venezuela is one of the worlds leaders in oil, it's their main source of income but this had led to many oil spills ruining their environment, and they are getting too much oil at one time. One way they can fix this is to set regulations and rules on how much oil you can retrieve at one time and make it so another oil spill doesn't happen. Unfortunately Venezuela won't do this since oil is their main source of money. Another way they could possibly fix this is by trying to find another source of income so that they don't have to produce so much oil. Eventually the oil in Venezuela is going to run out causing Venezuela's economy to go down the drain. That is Venezuela's environmental problem.
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Mexico's Economy

Mexico has a pretty good economy, and it has pretty good trade as well. Three of its biggest trade partners are the U.S, Canada, and China. This makes sense since the U.S and Canada are both part of NAFTA with Mexico and are close to Mexico. Mexico's number 1 import is refined petroleum which comes from the U.S. Their number one export is crude petroleum to the U.S. Mexico has a literacy rate of 93.96% which basically means 93.96 percent of people in Mexico can read and write. Mexico's GDP is 1.261 trillion dollars. That was some information on Mexico's economy.