What is Copyright?

You've Probably Been Wondering What the Symbol Actually Means

The definition of copyright is:

A collection of rights granted to the author of a piece of work.

Five Types of Licenses

1. Public Domain

This licence is not protected by copyright law because of the following: it's expired, someone has donated it, or it was created by public money.

ex. classical music

2. Freeware

Freeware allows copyrighted work to be copied, used, or given away for free.

ex. iTunes, Safari, Internet Explorer

3. Shareware

Shareware is copyrighted material that be used for free for certain amount of time. It is a trial.

ex. Spotify, Minecraft

4. All Rights Reserved

Publisher is only allowed to use the software according to the deals and license agreement.

ex. Microsoft

5. Open Source

Software that includes the source code with the idea that someone can improve it

ex. Firefox and Chrome allowing users to make addons