World Religions: Confucianism

By Isla Ferguson

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What is the most important belief in this religion?

In Confucianism, social harmony is the ultimate goal. Individuals are not as important. There are five relationships that are important in Confucianism:

  1. Ruler to Subject
  2. Father to Son
  3. Husband to Wife
  4. Elder Brother to Younger Brother
  5. Friend to Friend

Why do they believe that?

Because that was what the Chinese philosopher Confucius taught.

what makes the believers of this religion follow its teachings or the teachings of its prophets?

People choose to follow the teachings of Confucius because they believe it makes their lives better.

How do extremists in this religion justify their actions against non-believers?

There are no real extremists in this religion, but there are some problems. Because individuals aren't considered important, there are many human rights issues in China.

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These are the writings of Confucius. They are called simply "The Four Books".
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This is a classic Confucian poem from a book of poetry called " Shi Jing". The whole idea of Confucianism is social harmony, but this poem shows how the Confucian society views girls.
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