The Texas Blind Salamander

By: Taylor Rosson

An Overview of the Blind Salamander

The blind salamander lives in underground water reservoir, also known as an aquifer. The Texas Blind Salamander gets its name from only being found in Hays County, Texas and its eyes are simply two black spots due to it not needing light. The salamander is extremely sensitive to light due to its extremely poor vision. It is also sensitive to changes in water pressure, which is how the salamander hunts. Their diet consist of invertebrates such as snail and shrimp, which puts them at the top of their food chain.

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More Facts

The Salamander is mainly carnivorous and has no predators in its natural habitat which is extremely isolated.

They are never seen above ground unless their water source pushes them above ground.

Although they are blind they still have eyes, however since there is no natural light in their habitat their eyes are very small and extremely weak.

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