The Metropolis of Toronto

My Observations of Toronto

On the way to Toronto I noticed how urbanized it was there was less green and open space the closer we got to the downtown core. In the downtown core of Toronto there was a lot of people and buildings. It felt so compact and crowded and in some areas the sidewalks were small and everyone had to squeeze through the crowd of people heading in the opposite direction. Downtown Toronto is very different than Mississauga because if you live in downtown Toronto everything is very close to you and you don't really need a car because everything is very close to you. For example if you need to go to a big mall like the Eaton Center you can take public transit or walk because everything is very dense and compact there. But in Mississauga if I want to get around my number one option is a car, because everything is scattered and spread out here.

Land use conflict Kensington market Loblaws

What I learned from the trip

When we went on the trip I learned that living in downtown Toronto is a very hard thing to do. Firstly it has a lot of pollution, both noise and air. It would be hard sleeping because of cars honking all night. Then there are a lot of people here so trying to get around is a mission. Even though it is hard to live downtown there are some upsides.For example,if I need to get groceries it is convenient that I can walk a close distance or maybe go downstairs in an apartment and get it there at a Loblaws for example.