Jake Ransom

and the Skull King's Shadow

By: James Rollins

Review done by: Anish Yennam

Pages: 397

The adventure of your life with thrilling prehistoric creatures and ancient civilizations

What Really Happened To My Parents??!!

Jake Ransom, who is a curious boy that goes to Middleton Prep, is trying to find out what happened to his parents. Three years earlier, his parent's camp was attacked and the only thing that was given to the Ransom's was two halves of a coin. With the evidence that Jake has he studies every thing that his parents did. One day, after Jake came back from school he saw an envelope that grabbed his attention. It invited him and his sister, Kady, to the museum, in England that stored all of the other ancient discoveries that Mr and Mrs.Ransom had found. With many ups and downs Jake and Kady try to find out what really happened while staying away from their predator, the Skull King. Can they find out about their parents or will the Skull King kill them?

People that are close to you should be cared for no matter what obstacles are in your way

This is the theme for the story because Jake and Kady try to find out how their parents died while the Skull King is trying to kill them. They cared for their parents even after they died. I can relate to this because one day in second grade my best friend, who was the ace pitcher on our baseball team got hurt. I was there to see the whole thing unfold, but I didn't take action. I had just heard the bell that started school, and I knew that if I didn't go to class the teacher would mark me absent so I decided to leave him alone and go to class. Only later did I realize that that wasn't the right decision, because I heard that he was in the hospital with a broken arm. That weekend we had a tournament and we ended up losing the first bracket game because we didn't have good pitching. The whole team knew that if I helped him he might have been able to play.