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Sunday Sept. 18th thru Saturday Sept. 24th

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Homecoming Week & 3 Weeks Until Conference...7 Weeks to State!

It's that time of the school year again....HOMECOMING! I know this week brings much excitement, but we still have lots of XC left and I want to remind you to make smart choices. Please do not get involved in activities that could endanger your participation in meets and most importantly, school! Last year, some teams did have teammates that made poor choices and were affected. Mr. Erwin has made it clear there is zero tolerance for this as it has evolved into destruction of property.

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Super proud of the runners 'running' the show!

Captains and group leaders were asked to organize their pre-race practice on their off day including yoga and meditation! The boys appear to have went the patriotic route and the girls definitely got their yoga in and might have found a bob cat?

Got Tagged!

Jackson Foster and Lexi Comparato both got tagged for their battle through the mud at Forest Park last week! Jackson got "Keep Going" because even though he's earned a great PR this season, when know he's not finished picking up speed! Lexi threw down a monster PR during one of the worst courses I've ever seen raced on so she got "She believed she could, so she did". Both have been consistent competitors and hard workers at practice!
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I've Got Your Back

Abbi Napoli earned a RISE t-shirt for the sportsmanship she showed during the FZN Invitational! She 'carried' her teammate Tabitha to the finish line and made sure she survived the race! S/Os were given to Andrea Lin and Jordan Papin for also helping each other and other teams make through the 5K that day!
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Maryville Six Flags XC Meet

Car Decals are here!

Decals are first come, first serve and will be $5. Just bring your money to practice to pick one up!
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Pasta Dinner Addresses and Information

At the pasta dinners we will be playing different games to win an "Eat Pasta, Run Fasta" T-shirt. Entries to any of the games will be a $1 so make sure you bring at least that if you want a chance to win!

  • BOYS No dinner host yet!
  • GIRLS Sidney Gionet
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Want New Warm-ups?

We have a direct contact at the Shirt Co., in St. Peters on Midrivers Mall Drive. They're located behind Applebee's complex and across the street from Bread Co.

  • Our rep is Jill Edwards and her email is jill@shirtco.com and/or her number is 636-219-5261. Jill has our Howell screen print on file and ready to place an order whenever. You can call her or email her to place your order, tell her you're from Howell and Nicholle Leigh's name, too- she will contact you directly when order is in.
  • Inclusive pricing with your name and other emblem on the pants such as a number, viking head, H, shoes with wings, or something of your choice = $78.64. It would be cheaper without something on the pant, but this would help not get your pants mixed up with others.
  • There is about a solid week to week and a half turn around. You will have to pre-pay and Mrs. Leigh works near the place and could pick them up for you if needed.

If you liked any of the snacks served on Wednesdays after practice...here are the recipes:

  1. FroYo Bites
  2. Healthy Protein Dip w/fruit kabob and pretzels
  3. Peanut Butter and Jelly Energy Bites
  4. PB & Chocolate Oat Energy Bites
  5. Other Energy Bite Recipes *Not made, but sounded good to experiment with!
  6. Smoothies:
Strawberry/banana 1 cup Frozen strawberries-Frozen fresh bananas (1)-1/2 cup Almond milk- 1/2 cup Vanilla Greek yogurt-1 scoop vanilla protein powder-1 tbsp Honey-Ice-Chia seeds (2 tsp)

Pineapple/orange 1 cup Frozen pineapple- 1/2 cup Mandarin oranges-1/2 cup Pineapple juice-1/2 cup Sunny D-1/2 cup Vanilla Greek yogurt-1 scoop vanilla protein powder-Ice Chia (2tsp)

Training Schedule Week 8


TRAINING KEY: B = Balance, C = Core, S = Partner Stretching, HS = Hip Stretches & Bands, EC = Easier Core, YM = Yoga & Meditation, ST = Strength Training

Practice 240-5pm
  • Meet at the Stadium/Track
  • Fartlek
  • PR Candy & Recognition Awards
  • ST, C & S.

9.20 TUESDAY Practice 240-5pm
  • Meet at the Stadium/Track
  • Mileage ranging from 4-7 miles depending on your group & Hills
  • B, HS, C, S

9.21 WEDNESDAY Practice 240-5pm

  • Meet at the Stadium/Track
  • 6-8 x 800m Repeats
  • ST, C & S
  • Post Workout Snack

9.22 THURSDAY Practice 240-5pm

  • Meet at the Stadium/Track
  • Mileage ranging from 4-8 miles depending on your group & Hills.
  • B, HS, C, S

9.23 FRIDAY Practice 240-430pm (except Rim Rock Runners)

  • RIM ROCK RUNNERS WILL be leaving for KU in the morning. Practice will be held there.
  • Meet at the Stadium/Track
  • Easy Mileage 2-4 miles
  • B, YM, S

9.24 SATURDAY Rim Rock Farm Classic or Hancock Invitational

  • See below for additional information about meets.

Rim Rock Farm Classic (Varsity Squads)


  • You will not be attending school on Friday! Get work from your teachers and notify them the beginning of the week!
  • Caravaning mainly for the girls and one van for the boys and coaches. More information TBD.
  • We will be back in time for Homecoming!

Race Schedule

  • 9:25am Girl's "Gold" Varsity Race
  • 10:05am Boy's "Gold" Varsity Race


  • Varsity - Top 3 teams / Top 25 individuals


  • Rim Rock Farm is the home course of the University of Kansas. It is located on the 125-acre farm approximately 11 miles north of Lawrence, Kan. Address: 2276 Burnett Lane, Lawrence, KS 66044

Hancock Invitational

Race Schedule

  • JV Girls 1230pm
  • JV Boys 1pm


  • JV Boys and Girls will receive (2) team trophies and 20 individual medals.
  • Ceremony at 130pm

  • Jefferson Barracks Park, St. Louis Missouri, 63125
  • Bus TBD

A Ways Away, but Plan for the XC Banquet Thurs. 11/10/16

6:00pm – 9:30pm

The Christy Banquet Center

9000 Veterans Memorial Parkway

O’Fallon, MO 63366

Guide to Glory

Distributed at Meet The Coaches and includes:

  • Team Rules/Expectations
  • Coach Info
  • Events
  • Meet Schedule

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