Titanic II

The safest ship

Come relax in a luxurious cruise

Titanic 2 is the safest ship on Earth. This ship is also a replica of the first Titanic. The only difference is this one has the most advanced technology and and enough life boats for double our passengers. We also have incredibly hard and bullet proof windows so water can't break in. Another improvement is we added a second layer of metal so if there are ice bergs and we hit on like the past ship it will not penetrate the ship. We have also installed several radars to locate every iceberg on the water. The third class rooms have easy access to the main deck. We also added steel bars across the ship for no breaking. The ship has also been equipped with air oxygen tanks for every passenger. Also the ship has giants air propellers powered by minerals found in oceans that blow air down in case of any broken engines. This ship is very safe.

A little History

The RMS Titanic was a British ship that was supposed to travel from Liver Pool to South Hampton. This ship was supposed to be unsinkable. That supposed fact was very wrong. This ship set sail on 10 of April of 1912. This trip sound like a great idea for many families. The passengers of the RMS Titanic ranged from poor, to middle class to very wealthy people. Every elite family was on this ship. Every thing was going fine until five days later on April 15th Titanic hit an iceberg. At first passengers only felt a bump. Later they were alerted it was nothing. The cold truth was, something did happen. The motor of the ship was penetrated. No one even noticed. The workers of the ship tried covering the leak and taking the water out. Later the captain realized this ship was going down. The captain later informed the rest of the crew. After many attempts of trying no S.O.S signals were sending. Very early the crew knew they were going down. Later the passengers were informed to put on the life vests. Some passengers did not hesitate to put them on. Other passengers were very hard to work with. They wanted to know what was happening. After when every body was on the main deck reality hit. Everybody knew that there were not enough life boats for everybody. They broke down by only getting pregnant women, kids and incapacitated people. After many people tried to get in and there was some force used. Later the ship started sinking very fast. Later it was in a vertical line. Half of the ship was below water and the other half was above. Then with the tension the ship broke in half. Many people then were forced to freeze to death.

Margaret Brown

Margartet Brown was an american socialite and philanthropist. The reason her bio is here is because she was an RMS Titanic. Brown left with an amazing legacy. She now is known as Unsinkable Molly. She also was remembered by a musical made to her after her death. Margaret was also a great person as she gave up her seat to other people in need on the life boats. She was finally convinced to get in life boat six. After the sip went down she made a heroic act. When she was already in her lifeboat she made the life