Chapter 5 Section 2-- Energy

Before: Quizizz

Before beginning today's lesson, let's do a quick review of kinetic energy. Click on the red link to begin your quiz.

Kinetic Energy--Sample Problem B

Turn to page 165 in your textbook and we will solve Sample Problem B together.

QR Reader

Find a partner to work with. You and your partner will solve practice problems about kinetic energy.

At least one of you needs a QR reader installed on your device. You can find several different ones in the app store that are free. A good one to have is the i-nigma app. See the picture below.

Big image

During: QR Reader--Kinetic Energy Practice Problems

There are four different QR codes posted around the room. You and your partner can start at any one of the QR codes. You will scan the code and write down the "Given" and "Unknowns" in your journal. Make sure you also write the problem number.

You will then return to your desks to solve the problem. Once you have completed the problem, one of you will bring your journal to me so I can check the answer. If the answer is correct, you and your partner may move to a different QR code. They do not have to be done in a specific order. You will continue until you have solved all four of the problems correctly.

After: Five Word Summary

Clink on the red link above. Use the five words to write a summary of what you have learned about kinetic energy. Tap on the screen to open a text box. Create your summary inside the box. Tap outside the box when finished.