Warrior Summer Update

July 25, 2022

Dear Warrior Families,

We hope that you are enjoying the warm weather as the fall is quickly approaching us! We are very excited to kick off the 2022-2023 school year! Our advisors and staff have been working very hard to plan some awesome activities for our Warriors!

In this newsletter you will find some helpful information that will guide you to a successful experience here at KPHS. Our door is always open and our ears ready to listen, especially if you have a situation you would like to share with us!

We can't wait to get started!

Dr. Mobley

KPHS Schedules

The 2022-2023 schedules will be viewable through Infinite Campus starting July 31st. If you need assistance logging into Infinite Campus, please reach out to the tech department.

All students should have a minimum of 6 credits (6 courses each semester). If you/your student is scheduled for less than 6 credits or there is an error in their course or level, please register for an appointment. Appointment links will be sent out on August 1st as well.

The high school counselors are in the office during a limited number of days to handle schedule concerns. Appointments at this time are for schedule concerns only. If you wish to schedule an appointment to discuss post-secondary planning, please reach out to your assigned counselor mid-September.

Special education students can reach out to Mrs. Lutfy via email (lutfyh@kingphilip.org) for schedule concerns OR book an appointment with your assigned counselor.

Please be aware per administrative policy the counselors can not take scheduling requests to have or to avoid specific teachers.

Attention Seniors--Senior Pictures

This is a reminder that senior picture sessions are taking place this summer and fall. The sessions are held at King Philip High School and range in length. There is a $20 sitting fee which is returned if no pictures are purchased. If there are any financial concerns surrounding the sitting fee, please email Mrs. Quinn at quinnl@kingphilip.org. Once you receive your proofs, you will select which picture you would like in the yearbook. You do not need to upload anything if you use Legacy Studios. Below is the link to make an appointment to have your pictures taken through Legacy Studios:


Reminder: You do not have to have your pictures taken through Legacy Studios in order to be in the yearbook. You can have them taken privately.

Please email Mrs. Quinn with any questions (quinnl@kingphilip.org).

KPHS Bus Registration

Hurry! Registration closes August 7th!

A Message from Food Services

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We want to update you regarding the free school meals that KING PHILIP REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT has been able to serve to your children since the beginning of COVID in March 2020. When COVID started, the federal government created a national policy that allowed schools in the entire country to provide free meals to all students. As of now, this national policy will end on June 30th. We hope this is not the case, but we want to be prepared and want to give all families time to prepare for this change.

What this means for KING PHILIP families is that next school year we will return to the traditional system, where students receive free, reduced-price, or full-price meals based upon income status. In order to ensure we can provide free or reduced-price meals to as many families as possible, we will need families to complete the household Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals before the start of school in September 2022.

The most important thing that you can do to prepare for the start of school is to complete the 22-23 MA Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals, which will be available on the King Philip Website on the Food Services Page or at the High School and Middle School office. We strongly encourage ALL families to submit this form as it is important to the district’s records and allows us to also waive fees for school activities. The form is available to us usually by mid- July and will be available at that time.

For school year, 22-23, the cost of a student meal will be $3.50 and breakfast which is available at the High School only, will be $2.00. Lunch accounts can be set up at www.myschoolbucks.com , or deposit funds at the point of sale. Lunch accounts are for paid student meals, a second meal for free and reduced lunch students and a variety of A-List Smart Snacks.

In addition, please consider applying for SNAP, the federal nutrition program that provides eligible residents with monthly financial assistance to purchase groceries. While the 22-23 MA Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals is not available to complete until mid-July, the application for SNAP is available now. Find more SNAP information at gettingsnap.org.

The food and nutrition department at KING PHILIP REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT thanks you for your patience during this anticipated change and we understand the burden that this may place on many families. As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide nourishing and healthy meals to all KING PHILIP students so please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


Mary Ann Reynolds Director of Food Services 508-384-1000 ext. 3338 reynoldsm@kingphilip.org

Planning Information

Attached is the KPRSD 2022-2023 calendar. Families should be aware of our make-up and attendance policies before making plans for family trips. Vacations should be scheduled after the June 27th closing date to be safe.

The following are some reminders from the KPRSD Handbook:

  1. All students must take examinations when scheduled. An examination cannot be taken prior to the scheduled exam period. Make-up examinations, by nature are difficult to cope with and if delayed, may cause the student to receive an “incomplete” at the end of the term. “Illness” or “serious family emergencies” will be the only valid excuses for make-ups.

High School: Make-Up Work

  1. Students with excused absences from school are expected to make up all work assigned or completed in their absence within a reasonable time. It is the students’ responsibility to ask their teachers about work that needs to be made up. Work that was due on the day of the absence is not make-up work and is due on the day the student returns.

  2. For an absence of one or two days, a teacher may allow up to five school days to make up missed work, except as noted in #4 below.

  3. If a student will miss school due to a field trip, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain work to be missed in advance of the trip and to be prepared with the completed assignment on the day of return to class.

  4. When a class is missed for absence, field trip, or dismissal on the day of or the day before an announced test/quiz is given, the student will be expected to take the test/quiz on the day of his/her return. In cases when the absence is due to documented illness, the student will take the test/quiz by arrangement with the teacher.

  5. In extenuating circumstances, teachers may grant additional time for making up work.

  6. Failure to make up required work within the allotted time will result in a zero.

  7. Students may not be allowed to earn credit for work for unexcused absences.

Absences due to personal or family vacations are not covered by the make-up allowance policy. The make-up allowance will be determined by the teacher as these trips are unexcused.

Excused Absences:

Only the following will be considered excused absences:

  1. Religious holidays or commitments: Any student who is unable to attend school because of his or her religious belief shall have the opportunity to make up any examinations missed because of the religious belief or commitment, provided it does not create an unreasonable burden on the school. In consultation with the building principal, requests for excusal from the examinations for an absence based on religious belief will be considered on an individualized basis. Also excused are observances of major religious holidays.

  2. Field trips and exchange programs

  3. Funeral-bereavement absences

  4. Court appearance/jury duty

  5. College days up to three per year for Seniors and Juniors. Sophomore and Freshman students must receive prior approval from administration.

  6. Illnesses or quarantine verified by a note from a doctor or certified health professional

  7. Absences related to a student’s disability

  8. Out-of-school suspension

  9. Unique circumstances approved by the administration

  10. A doctor’s office visit that is verified by a note from a doctor or certified health professional.

Click the calendar to view on our website

Big picture

Parking Registration to Begin August 8th--Watch for the Link through Infinite Campus

New Student Orientation Registration

KP Cares, Student Council and Healthy KP have planned a New Student/Freshmen orientation to be held on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

This event is for students only.

In order to be able to offer the best opportunity for students to learn about King Philip High School we will be offering 2 sessions.

10:00am-12:00pm and 1:00- 3:00 pm

Please sign up for only 1 session so we can make sure to accommodate all new incoming students.

During orientation you will:

  1. Attend a presentation about the High school
  2. Take a tour of the school ( if possible have a copy of your schedule with you either on your device or a paper copy)
  3. Attend an activity/club fair
  4. Receive your school issued Chromebook (please make sure to register) CHROMEBOOK REGISTRATION
  5. Receive other important information about KPHS
  6. Have fun with our scavenger hunt, interactive exhibits in the KPHS Field House, attend the ice cream social at the end.

You will be given opportunities to ask questions throughout the event.

We look forward to seeing you on 8/31/2022.



Athletic Registration

Registration for the Fall athletics season is now open. Registration will be open until August 10th so please register ASAP. Football and Golf start on August 19th while all other sports start on August 22nd. If you have any questions please contact Athletic Director Gary Brown (browng@kingphilip.org).