Goodbye Tyranny

Fighting Off Tyranny Like The Flu!

The Start of it All

Why do we need to know this? What's it even about? Well, remember how America used to be ruled by England, which was a monarchy? That was an example of tyranny. It was when just a few people, the king and the parliament, had all of the power to rule the country without the input of any of its citizens. So, some people came to the new land, later known as America. After a series of boycotts and wars, the people of he new land got independence, but that's another story. Now, it all comes back to creating America to make it successful, because, well, that's why they came here. To have a better life than what they had in England.

The Atricles Of Confederation

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The Articles Of Confederation was a document that was made to rule the new America. It gave many powers to each state and a few powers to the central (national) government. These powers divided the states so much, that the states were as though they were different countries. They regulated trade, collected taxes, created different currencies, and more. At the same time, the central government couldn't do many important things like raise an army or levy taxes. So, when the Shay's Rebellion occurred, a private funding took place from a rich family so that their would be an army to stop the rebellion. This triggered to many people that the Articles needed to be changed, because if things weren't going so well in ten years, how would the country survive at all? Now, their were 13 states right, 13 colonies? So, in order to change something in the Articles, there needed to be 13/13 votes. So, after many attempts in ten years, the Articles never changed. So, there comes into play the Constitutional Convention.

Constitutional Convention

Monday, May 25th 178 at 12am to Monday, Sep. 17th 1787 at 12am

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Philadelphia, PA

Calling all State Delegates. Please come to the constitutional convention. Here we will be creating a new document so that we can live a better life. Please keep this a secret. This is confidential. No one but the state delegates will know. So please, please attend the Constitutional Convention. You can come whenever you can.

What is Tyranny?

Tyranny is when one person, a few people, or even a group of people have total power over every type of power. That is what our Constitution's founding father, James Madison, feared. He wanted to set up our government so that people wouldn't suffer not being part of what they had to follow. That is what all of those English families had fought for. Since England, at the time, was a tyranny because just a few people, the king and the parliament, had total control over everyone. Now, we wanted to get rid of that, and we have been ever since.


What is federalism? Federalism is the idea of a compound government. A compound government is when there are discrete powers for the central government, distinct powers for the states, and shared powers for the both of those governmental bodies. That is the third picture from the left above. This took place because before the constitutional convention, every state was a tyranny because only a few people got to 'rule' the states as though they were countries.

Checks And Balances And Branches Of Government

With separation of powers, keeping tyranny away was easy. And it still is. Everyone decided to split up the work of running a country. Three branches were formed. The executive, the judicial, and the legislative branch. The executive branch consists of the President and his Cabin. The president enforces laws that are passed with the consultation of the Supreme Court and the Congress. The president can also veto a law he doesn't want to enforce. That law goes back to consideration and if the House of Representatives votes on it, it is officially a law. The Supreme Court gets to vote a bill unconstitutional. But, the justices can be impeached by the legislative or the executive branch. The legislative branch can make laws. The executive branch can veto it and the judicial branch can declare a bill unconstitutional.


So, not everyone can go into the House of Representatives just to give a vote. We are a representative democracy, not a total democracy where every single person votes for everything. So, what our brilliant constitution writers did was that they said that per every 30,000 people, there will be one representative in the House. That's because the in the House, there is a proportionate number of representatives based off of the population in the state. So, back at that time, Virginia had the most representatives because it had the most people. But then again, there was also a Senate, which is where no matter what, you get 2 representatives to come to the government on behalf of you.