People Who Have Persevered

Sydney Sotiros

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What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the act of not giving up even if horrible obstacles are thrown at you. It's when you want to achieve success and go forward in life. In this newsletter, there are many examples of people proving their issues wrong. They moved forward, but it was no where close to being easy.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a very important and determined historical figure. He was born in the United Kingdom on November 30th in 1874. His early life wasn’t the easiest compared to others. He has had many adversities in his way starting from the very beginning. His parents were rarely around to see him, and his only mother figure in life was his nanny. He was sent to a private boarding school and was a trouble maker. Throughout his later life, he was very hardworking, dedicated, and active. Winston Churchill worked extremely hard to get the two titles Secretary of State for War and Air and the Minister of Munitions. It shows how dedicated he was to the United Kingdom when he became part of the Parliament. Not only did he do that, but he also fought in both WWI and WWII. He lead Great Britain at the beginning of WWII and took blame for the Gallipoli landings during WWI. Lastly, he was very active when the war was going on. Some might say too active though. He overstepped his position and ended up getting ejected from politics for two years. During those two years he learned to paint and worked to improve himself. However, he is best known for becoming the Prime Minister of Great Britain. During his time in office, he helped lead the British army to fight against the Germans. Thanks to Winston Churchill and his reign, he helped the British defeat the Germans in WWII. Winston Churchill once said, “But we must learn to be equally good at what is short and sharp and what is long and tough.” This quote shows that you must be ready for whatever life wants to throw at you. Winston Churchill has shown that perserving through hard times, has a great achievement afterwards. All in all, Winston Churchill was arguably one of the most important people during WWII.

Jackie Robinson

There were many problems that occurred during the 1940’s and 1950’s time period. One of these things being African Americans being segregated from the things that white people could do. They couldn’t eat in the same restaurants or use the same restrooms as somewhere with a different skin color. You could be fined or thrown into jail for not following these strict rules. Another way they were separated from each other was also shown in baseball. They had the Major Leagues and then the African American League's. No one of color was allowed to be on a Major League team. Therefore, Branch Rickey created an outcome called the Noble Experiment. Since he hated having all the discrimination in baseball, he used it to put an end to the hate towards people of color. He wanted to find the perfect candidate for the plan so he searched high and low, in every nook and cranny until he found Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson wasn’t treated with the respect he deserved for taking a leap of faith. He was thrown beanballs constantly, cleated, and got hate from the fans, opposing team, and even his own teammates. In order for him to be able to stay in the same hotel room as his teammates, he would have to fight for it. It was him against the world. There was no one to catch him if he slipped up. The media was everything and they could turn anything positive into a negative. The way they thought to end the consecutive threats from others, was to just ignore it. Every time someone would insult him or make a joke about his race, he would have to brush it off his shoulder as if it didn’t affect him one bit. This habit would have to become a second nature to him if he wanted it to work. He never let anything get to him and proved a success in the Major League. Everything in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s changed because of two men. They turned the history around and lead others to follow in their footsteps. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. potentially could have been inspired by the bravery and will that Jackie Robinson proved to have. All in all, the Noble Experiment proved to be a success in turning around the thoughts that African Americans had to be segregated from the whites to live a normal life.

Short Video Focusing on "Famous Failures"

Famous Failures

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"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

Losing to Win

In the short video, Losing to Win, the main idea that they try to get across is that winning is not always everything. The girls in the video are on the school,Carroll Academy's basketball team. This school isn’t just your everyday, average school. You were either court ordered here or sentenced to go. The students don’t have normal lives outside of the school either. Each girl on the basketball team has either faced neglect at home, has abused drugs, has ran away, has bipolar disorder, parents are alcoholics, has been abused, or their parents are divorced. All these girls have the same thing in common, it’s hard for them to trust. One of the main problems that these girls face is that they have been on a 218 game losing streak. They have struggled to win game after game. The scores are brutal with outcomes close to 103-12 or 52-5. With each loss, the self confidence of the girls drop. They already lack self confidence, but add on losing to all these different schools, it helps to creates a negative attitude and a negative self esteem. They already have a hard time trusting others, basketball just seems to add to that pain. A solution to these issues is that the girls are to stay on the basketball team. Being on the team has created a family that they originally didn’t have. They didn’t have a place to go until they became part of the team. The girls can finally get away from most of their troubles and just be free on the court. They learned to talk to each other freely and have more trust in individuals than they had when they first arrived. A time to remember for them, is when they finally scored 30 points. Even though they still lost, they communicated with each other to make the opposing team actually work. The score was closer than the ones from the very beginning of the season with an outcome of 53-32. Even though they lost, they still triumphed. Everyone can take from this video that you have to persevere through the hardships that life throws to you. All in all, the resilience of these girls has shown to be a greets success than actually winning.

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What Can You Learn From Others?

People can learn many things, not just by achieving their own goals, but also from others. Knowing that people went through the same thing that you might be going through makes it easier. People can almost follow the same exact steps that others took to accomplish the same goals. Also, if people know what others went through, it make you a more sympathetic and empathetic person. It would allow you to helps others with their own problems too. In all, it pays off to know what others went through to reach success.