Grade Three Update

Thursday, 17th December 2015

Our Unit: How We Organise Ourselves

Our third unit has begun, and as a result we are looking at all the things involved in marketplaces worldwide. Supply and demand are the key concepts students are tackling currently, and moving forward we will explore the other forces that influence market behaviour - in particular, producers, consumers, and the ethical considerations involved in buying, selling, and trading.

This unit offers a number of highly hands-on and practical opportunities for students to further their knowledge - these activities have been highly successful in the past and we are excited to kick them off again this year. Firstly, the Stock Market Game has already begun, and students are showing off their cunning and shrewd bargaining skills as they attempt to put together and grow a trading portfolio. Students buy, sell, and trade in a highly deregulated microeconomy, which gives rise to interesting practical, logistical, and ethical questions that are in turn explored as a class.

Secondly, students in the four grade three classes will, after returning from the break, begin to put together business plans to produce and sell their own products to their peers in small marketplaces. More information on this will be forthcoming in the new year, but perhaps students can already begin to think about what they might like to produce!


In mathematics, we have moved from addition to subtraction, closely examining the ways in which the two operations are linked. Making use of our existing knowledge of addition strategies will form a large part of gaining a greater understanding in the field of subtraction - we encourage you to highlight the inverted relationship between addition at subtraction wherever you can!

Additionally, the Stock Market Game is giving students daily practice with basic practical maths, as they wheel and deal their way through the addition and subtraction involved in buying, selling, and giving change. Linking theory and strategy to real-world practice has been highly beneficial in consolidating many students' understanding, and will bridge our next move to multiplication very nicely.


The past two weeks, we have been very busy working on our drafts for the scripts and writing the final draft into our special script books. On Monday, 3a and 3b had the pleasure of hearing Frau Albert talk about making movies which was a great way to finish off our film unit! A big DANKESCHÖN again to Frau Albert for taking the time! We really enjoyed it!

Apart from working on our scripts we worked on our language focus which has been direct speech. The children have been developing an understanding of how to use it and have started to use it in their own texts. They have also been writing Wintergeschichten.

As it is our last week of school we will finish off the year with nice Christmas activities!

We look forward to seeing you at the Winter Concert!

Schöne Ferien und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2016!


Grade three students will still have swimming lessons after the holidays - the last lesson will be on January 25th, 2016. For those students who did not achieve a certificate, a number of further dates for the swimming certificate tests will be available after the holidays. Students who achieved a certificate will receive it with the Report Cards from the first Semester.

Please understand that the different swimming certificates are official documents from German Swimming Associations and therefore they can only be given to those who pass all required tests for it.

All BMS Swimming Instructors wish you a wonderful Holidays!

Download Grade Three's Silent Films

Grade Three worked with Karen El Falaki and Tommy Clarke to produce silent films during our previous unit, How We Express Ourselves. These films are available for download, using the links below:

3a, 800MB:

3b, 800MB:

3c, 1GB:

3d, 900MB:

These links will only be active until next Monday evening (21.12.15), so don't delay in downloading them!

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