Bramble Basics Jam

Try our Apple Mango Pepper Jelly and get 2 minis!

Give Mom a spread to make her smile!

Through May and June, you can try my brand new flavor, Apple Mango Pepper and get 2 bonus mini jars for free!

My Apple Mango Pepper Jelly is sweet yet spicy, putting your tastebuds on overdrive! It is perfect for adding a zing to your regular cheese and crackers, and an awesome topping to any grilled meat or fish! Made with Washington Pink Lady apples, juicy mangoes and spicy jalapeños, you'll be anxious to go back for another bite!

Order through my Zaarly store: and put #BBJAM in your order notes to receive your bonus minis. Expires June 31.

Announcing our brand new flavor: Apple Mango Pepper Jelly

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