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A summary of recent School Board action

Board meeting summary: April 13, 2021

View the meeting live via online webstreaming or watch archived meetings here. Meetings take place at the District Center.

Statement of student support

At the beginning of the meeting, Board chair Jonathan Weinhagen read the following statement from Mounds View Public Schools, acknowledging that this is a troubling time for many.

“Schools are a reflection of our communities. And our communities are struggling. As a district, we are angered by the police shooting in Brooklyn Center that ended the life of Daunte Wright. We extend our deepest condolences to his loved ones and to all who have been impacted by the unnecessary and tragic loss of yet another Black man. Events like these can understandably trigger trauma in children who are trying to make sense of the world around them. These events include the recent shootings in Boulder and Atlanta -- as well as the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. In Mounds View Public Schools, our staff members are talking with students about what they are feeling, seeing or experiencing. Please know that we are committed to addressing the inequities that exist in our schools and helping support students and families during these trying and difficult times.”

2021-22 school calendar

The Board approved a recently revised 2021-22 school year calendar. The calendar was updated with a modified start date of Wednesday, September 8, due to the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana. The previous start date was Tuesday, September 7. Visit the calendars page at to see the current calendar and the next two school year calendars.

Termination of probationary staff

Due to decreases/changes in enrollment, elimination of positions, lack of funds, performance, licensure or return from leave of senior teachers, the Board voted to terminate 32 probationary teachers.

Policy review

Superintendent Lennox reported that the following policies were reviewed at the April 1 work session and no changes were recommended.

BG-0200 – Public engagement

BG-0201 – Public participation at School Board meeting

BG-0202 – Public participation at School Board meeting – Board work sessions

BG-0203 – Open forum guidelines to be read by the chair

BG-0204 – Focused forum

BG-0300 – Responsibilities and processes

BG-0301 – School Board compensation

BG-0302 – Appointment to District 916 School Board

BG-0303 – Policy formation and adoption

BG-0304 – Suspension of policy

BG-0400 – School Board ethics

BG-0402 – School Board member covenants

BG-0403 – School Board member conflict of interest

BG-0404 – Process for addressing School Board member violations

Policy BG-0401 - School Board members' code of conduct was presented for the first reading.


The Board discussed issues and updates related to AMSD and Northeast Metro 916.

Thank you

The Board accepted with appreciation gifts from: HeyMin and Brian Park, Heather Riedel, CAF America, The Blackbaud Giving Fund, Carol Ducharme, Bill Dove, Amanda Arnold, Martha Harsch, 407th Civil Affairs Battalion, Family Readiness Group, New Brighton Christian Church, Ron Hanson, John and Anne Groton, Gina Vinge, Lisa and Thomas Shannon, Mary Anderson, 3M Foundation, Lucy Levitan, Michael Cartwright, Sydney Dvorak, MV NHS and MV Skills, USA, Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, Pastor Lisa Richardson, Adagio's Pizza Factory/Strizza Skies Inc., Michelle Norman, Joyce Ahlstrom, American National Bank, Renata Gilmore, Mary Anderson, Anonymous, Sonja Bornus, Keith Boulais, Ruth and James Bowyer, Steven and Wendy Brandt, Carley Foundry, Jordan Carley, Rocky and Barb Chapin, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Gary Floss and CTK Foundation, Dick and Susan Dragovich, Faith Christian Reformed Church, Pastors Erin and Adam Stout, Faith United Methodist Church, Pastor Diane Christianson, Hanna Frahm, Carol Gates, GracePoint Church, Steve Young, Peter Grottodden, Paulette Harapat, InFaith Community Foundation, Kim Borton, Kaitlin Jamieson, Lake Region Hockey, Lake Region board members, Martie and Don Martin, Medtronic, YourCause, LLC, James Merten, Messiah Lutheran Church, Allison Burkow and Heather McAllister, Terri Metcalf, Michael Anderson Photography, Joanie and Mike Anderson, National Christian Foundation, Jeff Carver, Presbyterian Church of the Way, Pastor David Parker and Members, Kristine Prescott, Paul and Lynn Redlinger, Alicia and David Smith, Mary Ann Stevenson, Craig Strane, The JAMF Nation Global Foundation, Thrivent, United Ways CARES Funding, Maryl and John Wahlstrand and Barb and Robert Woodruff.

A look ahead

May 6, 6 p.m., work session

May 11, 7 p.m., regular meeting

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