NFC stickers

NFC stickers

NFC stickers for a range of uses. will come back custom written and programmed, or non-printed and unprogrammed. nice for any print, marketing, or product packaging project. bigDAWGS NFC chips work on mechanical man, Windows Phone, Blackberry phones with NFC. The nevertheless to be free iPhone 5s is claimed to additionally support NFC.

Example NFC functions:

• Tap to decision - masses a nominal telephone number and dials it mechanically.

• Tap to TEXT MESSAGE - masses the text message app with a nominal telephone number.

• Tap to E-MAIL - masses up the e-mail app with a nominal mail to email address.

Cloud NFC Stickers area unit best for after you got to write your NFC Action sequences into the cloud. NFC Cloud Actions want lowest cupboard space thus we tend to use the littlest capability NFC chips with sixty four bytes of storage, that area unit abundant more cost-effective than 1K tags. Not solely does one economize, you furthermore may have the power to manage your sticker’s NFC action sequences from the cloud, even though you programmed the sticker to be scan solely. These NFC stickers area unit compatible with the Nexus four and therefore the Nexus ten. Cloud NFC Stickers need that you just started a free account with Flomio Command, Flomio’s NFC cloud engine. Cloud affiliation is needed to operate, thus writing and reading NFC devices should be connected to the net.