Adolf Hitler

Biography By: blake


He was born April 20 1889 he wasn't a very good brother to his siblings. When he was older he was living on the streets later then he went to an asylum Hitler wasnt a very good kid to other people people thought he was very mean to them.
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Later life

Adolf Hitler wanted to attend an academy but he got rejected so then he worked harder and harder then he tried again but he got rejected again

1914 Hitler volunteered to fight Russia. October 1914 he got to go an fight against Russia in 1917 he went back to war after he was done and he was glad to be back with his fellow soldiers that he could trust. later when he went back to war he go blinded for a little bit because of mustard gas. 1918 he recovered in the hospital he was able to see.

Most Germans wanted peace but Hitler wanted revenge. In 1919 Hitler was ordered to spy on a small grouped called the German workers palty. In 1922 Hitlers little grouped it had increased by 6000. Hitler had a plan on November 8 1923 Hitler had started his revenge on February 27 1925 when he started his revenge he said it would take all the way till 1926 to gain back his control. Hitler later then fell in love with a girl he loved her so much and she loved him so much her name was geli. she later then moved closer so she could see him more often then before.

1929 events in the united states were about to change lives. 1929 Nazis held there biggest party yet.

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interesting facts about Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitlers first love was a Jewish woman named geli.

Adolf Hitler was a disney fan.

Adolf Hitler wanted to be an artist.

Adolf Hitler had a niece and he was very protective of her.

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Adolf hitlers death

Adolf Hitler died April 30 1945. Adolf Hitler because he committed suicide because of Ballistic trauma.