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Saturday January 21, 2023, Volume 2, Issue 24

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Student of the Week

Week 23 in Review

Juarez TIGER Families

Our Tiger Students participated in an Extended Advisory on Perseverance. Please take some time to talk with your student and discuss important ways to keep persevering with their academic grades and overall school work.

This week on Thursday 1/26/23, our Tiger Staff and administrators will host an Academic Family Forum to outline your child's progress in NWEA MAP. We will have 2 sessions: 8am and 5pm.

ACCESS test will begin on Tuesday 1/24/23 through Thursday 1/26/23. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR STUDENT COMES TO SCHOOL BY 7:10AM. Any student not testing on ACCESS will be doing the IAR practice test for Math and Reading.

Students will also be doing the Panorama survey during one of their Social Studies classes.

See below for a few reminders:

1. SAAP tutoring continues this week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

2. Boys Basketball Practice begins this week.

3. Cheerleading practice continues this week.

4. ACCESS testing and Panorama Surveys

5. Academic Parent Forum - Thursday 1/26/23: TWO Sessions: 8am and 5pm.

As always THANK YOU for sending us the best student you have at home! GO TIGERS!


Mr. Campos


Resumen de Semana 23

Familias TIGRES de Juarez

Nuestros estudiantes participaron en una actividad sobre Perseverancia. Tómese un tiempo para hablar con su estudiante y discutir formas importantes de seguir perseverando con sus calificaciones académicas y el trabajo escolar en general.

Esta semana, el jueves 1/26/23, nuestro personal de Juarez y los administradores organizarán un Foro Familiar Académico para delinear el progreso de su hijo en NWEA MAP. Tendremos 2 sesiones: 8am y 5pm.

La prueba ACCESS comenzará el martes 1/24/23 hasta el jueves 1/26/23. POR FAVOR ASEGÚRESE DE QUE SU ESTUDIANTE LLEGA A LA ESCUELA A LAS 7:10 AM. Cualquier estudiante que no evalúe en ACCESS realizará el examen de práctica IAR para Matemáticas y Lectura.

Los estudiantes también realizarán la encuesta Panorama durante una de sus clases de estudios sociales.

Vea a continuación algunos recordatorios:

1. Las tutorías SAAP continúan esta semana los días lunes, martes y jueves.

2. La práctica de baloncesto masculino comienza esta semana.

3. La práctica de porristas continúa esta semana.

4. Pruebas ACCESS y Encuestas Panorama

5. Foro Académico de Padres - Jueves 1/26/23: DOS Sesiones: 8am y 5pm.

Una vez más, ¡GRACIAS por enviarnos al mejor alumno que tenéis en casa! ¡VAMOS TIGRES!


Sr. Campos

Mr. Santiago's Spanish Class

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7th grade student and families update

This week in ELA the students have started their projects on analyzing a song of their choice to a piece of artwork that has a common theme they have found between the two. They also are working on an essay about the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” comparing and contrasting to its sculpture. Take a look and listen to the song. The link is attached.

This week in 7th grade Math, the students are learning about how to determine when opposites combine to equal zero. The students are also modeling the addition of integer questions by using 2 color counters to create models.

7th Grade Science is working on Thermal and Sound Energy to help explain why objects stop moving. Students will begin preparing for Illinois State Testing/IAR.

8th Grade Update

Social Studies: We start our unit on the Great Depression this week. Last week we listened to some cool jazz music and read some poetry as we learned about the Harlem Renaissance.

1st Period working on their Langston Hughes “History Hoodie”

ELA: We are beginning our new novel “Maus” this coming week. This week we looked into some of the background information regarding the Holocaust using a collaborative timeline we created and recent articles on the topic.

Math: We are analyzing linear relationships using graphs, tables, linear equations and word problems situations. Our lesson is titled Derby Day and within the context of a car race, students will identify many variations of several participants’ performance in a race and interpret data that is represented in many ways.

SLA: We are reading the novel “Yo no soy tu perfecta hija mexicana”.

Science: We identify similarities and differences of traits between organisms. These traits are then classified as inherited, acquired, or both. Then, students investigate the distinction between inherited and acquired traits.
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Juarez Tiger Families, Parents, and Community, see all the services the Juarez team provides for your child!

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¡Familias, padres y comunidad de Juarez Tiger, vea todos los servicios que el equipo de Juarez brinda para su hijo!

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