New York

Because you want to live in the newest "new" colony

A new colony, once again

In 1664, James, the Duke of York sent 400 troop and several warships to the then Dutch colony of New Amsterdam and easily conquered the small territory. New York was born! This isn't the first time this area of land had seen transition though. Prior to this takeover the Dutch had purchased the land from the Algonquin Native Americans for about $24 worth of merchandise; this gave birth to New Amsterdam.
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Your transition is welcomed, we're in transition too.

Shortly after arriving in New York, I learned that the governors were distributing large pieces of land in what they call manors. The owners of the manor can rent a portion of the land to tenants. I find New York to be a very diverse colony, many travel to and stay here because of the religious tolerance. Along the Hudson River there is a large population of Dutch while Long Island is mostly inhabited by Puritans. For a while there has been some discontentment, mainly due to the lack of a self government which puts a strain on trade. I hear that there is a document that has been recently created entitled "Charter of Libertyes and Privileges." This guarantees all New York citizens civil liberties that are better than those of any other colony along with the continuing right to self government by our own elected assembly. I hear that it includes principles of a new ideal called liberalism; I hear that liberalism places an emphasis on individual liberty and holds that all human beings are equally entitled to enjoy the freedom and fulfillment to be found in their social lives-their work, families and churches. I am very excited for this document to be presented to the kind and implemented. While that is being sorted out, come to New York and enjoy the transition. You may even acquire a manor.

Research was taken from 'Of The People."

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