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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

Charles Spurgeon often said that the physical miracles included in the Bible were reflections of Jesus meeting spiritual needs. For example, in John 8 Jesus deals with the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees. In the very next chapter, He heals a man who was born blind.

So what do the miracles of Jesus walking on the water and calming the storm tell us about our spiritual needs? Examine Mark 6 with the help of the Holy Spirit. What is He saying to you?

Tentative Itinerary

Church Planning Meeting

* Go through food line

* PJ to elaborate on whys/hows of the planning session

* Comments/Questions

* 1st Breakout group to brainstorm plans

* Review/Dessert😊

* 2nd Breakout group to brainstorm plans

* Comments/Questions

Encouraging Devotionals

You weren’t created for a life you don’t have time for.

So often, the world feels frantic. We wake to the sound of urgent alarms and rush from one activity to the next.

Interrupting our busy schedules can feel unthinkable—we worry we’ll fall behind.

But Scripture encourages us to pause and turn to God instead.

In a world that moves at such an unsustainable pace, how do we find time to rest?

How to Find Rest

Consider taking a few minutes out of your day to embrace slowness with Jesus with one of these Bible Plans.

Finding Rest

YouVersion Originals, 5 Days

The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry

John Mark Comer, 5 Days

Radically Rediscovering Rest

Varsity Skateboarding, 10 Days

Holy Hustle

Crystal Stine, 10 Days

Tony Evans Explains How to Share the Gospel