Be Air Aware


Meet Airica...

Airica (pronounced Erica) is a hero, with powers that will make you change the way you think and act about air pollution.

Airica travels all over the Sydney basin.

The one thing Airica hates most, more than anything in the world, is air pollution. From the graph shown, we can see that air pollution is still a problem, and it needs to be dealt with, soon!

Airica has chosen to deal with air pollution as so many people are affected by it. Air pollution causes breathing difficulties, throat and lung diseases, asthma, cancer, and causes thousands of premature deaths each year.

Airica plans to stop air pollution (or at least reduce it) by making people aware of how they are contributing to air pollution, and what they can do to stop it. Sometimes she uses her persuasion gun, but that doesn't always work.
Airica suggests that people should:

  • -Carpool, catch public transport, or even ride/ walk if possible
  • -Participate in things such as earth hour
  • -Use environmentally friendly products
  • -Use energy efficient appliances, and turn them off when not in use
  • -Not litter

Although these may be small and simple tasks, Airica believes that it will make a difference.

Airica's biggest battle is against lazy and ignorant people. Even though all the things listed above are quite simple, most people still wont do them.

Airica also needs to get large industries to go green and somehow make them stop polluting the air.