School Opening Information

Important B&M and Plato Distance Information

Greetings Plato Academy Trinity Families

We are working very hard getting the school campus, classrooms, and digital platforms ready for our students. We have missed them and can't wait to begin teaching again.

We wanted to update you on what school will look like when we open on August 24th. Included in this update are:

  • percentage of student first 9 week choice
  • description of distance learning
  • description of on campus learning

Please read for important details about the implementation of Plato Academy Trinity's reopening plan for Quarter 1. We hope this gives you more details of what the experience for your child will be during learning.


Hayley Harris, Principal

On Campus vs. Distance Learning Parent Choices

Big picture

Distance Learning Points

Students will

  • have Plato Academy Trinity core teachers.
  • be required to dress in Plato Academy student uniforms.
  • use their Plato Academy emails for all classes for all grades (parent emails are not permitted).
  • be required to attend all scheduled classes through distance learning platform - absences will be tracked.
  • keep their camera on during all distance learning classes.
  • follow the set schedule of classes.
  • be held to the same grading requirements, deadlines, and submission requirements.
  • be held accountable for late and missing assignments, as they will be graded with reduced credit and zeros according to the syllabus.
  • have parent presence and supervision for live sessions and academic tasks required -based on grade level and/or student need.
  • engage in some distance learning classes with distance students only.
  • engage in some classes with a blend of on-campus students combined with distance students through streaming and blended learning platforms like Nearpod or Google Meets.
  • be prepared to log in and off based on specials and scheduled times.
  • have access to the same special education services, guidance services, and accommodations as they have normally in on-campus learning.
  • be provided with devices if requested, to be distributed August 20-21.
  • be provided workbooks, curriculum, books, manipulative and other needed resources to be distributed August 20-21.

Scheduled pickup of devices and materials on August 20th-21st. Complete our survey below for each child. Thank you to those who have done so already.

We recommend purchasing supplies from the original supply list.

K-6 Supply lists here:

Updated wavier required.

Student Device Needs Survey 2020-2021

Please complete for Plato Academy Trinity Distance Learning.

Brick & Mortar On Campus Information

Students will

  • not be permitted to be dropped off before 8:15 and congregate on school grounds.
  • be required to wear masks, all grades, K-6. ** Shields as face coverings may be retracted. Please watch for updates **
  • please MASK TRAIN your scholars now for daily use in school.
  • be provided mask breaks throughout the day.
  • have a daily temperature check shortly after arrival.
  • have weekly PE classes, which will provide a mask break. Mask breaks will be provided if individual students can follow social distancing guidelines and directions of the PE teachers.
  • have daily recess, which will provide a mask break. Mask break will be provided if individual students can follow social distancing guidelines and directions of the teacher.
  • have lunch in classrooms.
  • be placed in one homeroom per grade level (K-5) until the class size average is met.
  • may be assigned to the second homeroom teacher, also teaching distance learners, if the number of on-campus learners is above the class size average.
  • participate in some classes where lessons will be live-streamed to distance learners, with the focus on teacher and lesson only, not students in the classroom.
  • participate in some classes where lessons will be recorded during on-campus class, and later posted for distance learners, with the focus on teacher and lesson only, not on students in the classroom.
  • bring in requested supplies for classroom use (no sharing of supplies will occur).

K-6 Supply lists here:

Updated wavier required.

Other Important Information

Car line will not allow walk ups for drop off or dismissal. More information will be coming but families must remain in vehicles unless an appointment is made and confirmed with the school. This does not include VPK families.

Extended learning details will be communicated by the on-site director for the program, forwarded in a Smore newsletter like this one.

Visitors will not be permitted on campus without a pre-scheduled appointment. Please plan accordingly for medication drop off.

School supplies should be sent with your children across several days the first weeks of school. Parents will not be able to walk supplies into the school. Staff will be available to assist.

Specific parameters for on-campus learners and staff who become ill will be communicated in the near future. We will follow the CDC guidelines and take direction from our local Department of Health.

* For students choosing MySchoolOnline, meals will be available for parent pick-up. Details regarding the program will be sent to those households. Please note that meals will only be free to students qualifying for free lunch. Students receiving reduced or paid meals will have their accounts charged based on their status.

Thank you!

Plato Academy Trinity thanks you all for your difficult decisions, honoring our new safety protocols, and focussing on the safety and health of our Giants family. We know some routines are new, maybe inconvenient, or different but do know our one focus is to maintain the safest and best education possible for our students.

We hope to instill ARETE' in all we do!

Important Dates

  • August 14th - Homeroom teacher assignments announced
  • August 19th-20th - Virtual Open House and Q&A sessions scheduled. This will be provided to families by your homeroom/grade level teachers. Schedules will be provided by staff and on MyStudent.
  • August 20th-21st - Device and equipment pick up for Plato Distance Students. If you have not completed the survey please click the link above *ONLY FOR PLATO DISTANCE FAMILIES
  • August 24th- First day of school for all students
  • August 25th - Steve Christopoulos Day
  • Sept 7th - Labor Day School Closed

COVID-19 Updated Form

If you have not, our updated Covid 19 form is due by Friday, August 7th. Please send a signed copy to Ms. Christina at You can scan back, email back, take a pic and return.

Thank you for returning this acknowledgment form to us.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Plato Academy Charter Schools is to assist students in achieving their full potential by requiring and nurturing high academic and behavioral standards in a safe, supporting, challenging and enthusiastic environment, providing a well-rounded K-8 education fortified by a study of the Greek language and culture, and fostered by a commitment and cooperative effort among the school, students, parents, and community: our family.