SOS: Economy Structure

Learning through experience


Often students learn through doing. By allowing student to develop their own ideas about a concept based on simulated experiences, student develop a better and longer lasting understanding of the concept discussed.

The economy is an essential part of everyone's life. Understanding how it works in our society (and other societies) is essential to functioning in a "flat" world. This assignment is going to take on a discovery learning approach by not explaining the different types of economy to students until after they complete the experiment.


1. Have students place all of their belongings in a designated area away from general instruction.
2. Split the class into 4 different groups. Explain that the students are in companies that will be competing to sell the same product.
3. Explain that each company will be given similar circumstances to develop an advertisement for their product. They will need to purchase supplies to create their advertisement.
4. Give the groups money. Each group should be given a different amount of money.
5. Allow groups time to decide on and make their purchases.
6. Have each group create their advertisement (timed activity).
7. Discuss how successful each group was with the amount of money they were give.
8. Have students return their supplies from round 1.
9. Repeat steps 4-7.
10. Make adjustments that level the playing field for all companies.
11. Have students return their supplies from round 2.
12. Repeat steps 4-7
13. Discuss the progress through each round and explain the different types of economy.


By allowing students to build connects on their own, it allows students to develop a deeper and longer lasting understanding of a concept. Encourage students to try new things and learn through experience.
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