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May 18, 2018 Issue 35

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Check out Your PATH to a Brighter FUTURE at Scott2!

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Coming Soon...

May 22-24- Track and Field Days (There is plenty of seating, please do NOT bring lawn chairs)

May 25@ Noon- AR prize deadline, Last PBIS Prize Party, AR Goal Party

5:00-7:30- Archery Tournament

May 28- Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL

May 31@9:00 AM- Sports and Club Awards (We'd love for our coaches to present the certificates)

May 31@1:00- 5th Grade Celebration

May 31- YMCA After School Program ends today

June 1@9:00 AM- Academic Awards

June 1@ 1:30 PM- Kindergarten Graduation.

Tentative Dates to Note:

July 31- Registration Day 1 from 2:00PM-7:00PM

August 1- Registration Day 2 from 8:00AM-1:00PM

August 6-9- Kindergarten JumpStart
August 9-Open House @5:30-6:30PM

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

During the month of May, we will celebrate summer birthdays in June, July, and August as well.

Kingston Brumley, Olivia Rose, Jaque Kujath, Olivia Spellman, Marcus Spencer, Paula Nowling, Aliah Wilhelm, Ava Stutsman, Hayden Williams, Alex Campbell, Hayden Hurt, Kylie Hunter, Lily Siekman, Michael Wolf, Landon Feeler, Connor McDill, K.J. Jackson, Owen Brown, and Tammy Staser.

Mrs. Broady, Mrs. Salas, and Mrs. South Honored for "This Bud's for YOU!" Award

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During recent staff meeting, Mrs. Liz Wimp, the previous recipient of the "This Bud's for YOU!" Award at Vienna-Finley, presented Mrs. Sarah Broady, Mrs. Sara Salas, and Mrs. Tracy South with the award for the month of April.

Wimp, a first grade teacher at Vienna-Finley, stated the following in honor of these three amazing teachers.

"This month, I will be honoring three of our newer staff members, and the ones that will be our kindergarten team next year: Sara Salas, Sarah Broady, and Tracy South.

Sara Salas has been in kindergarten for 2 years now. When Sara joined our VFES family, she moved into her classroom in a weekend and was ready to teach her class the following Monday. I can tell you as a first grade teacher that gets many of her students, she loves every student in her class like they are her own children, and they love her as well.

Sarah Broady started in 3rd grade last year at VFES, and also moved into her classroom over a weekend. She is now in 4th grade. I love following her classroom Facebook page to see all of the fun and innovative activities that she does with her students.

Tracy South joined our VFES family this year, and she has been a teacher in our district for many years. Tracy has taught several grades, every elementary grade but second and third, if I’m correct. In her short time here, Tracy has had such a positive affect on many students, by starting the Knitting Club.

I’m so thankful that these 3 decided to join our Vienna-Finley family, bringing their unique skills and strengths with them. I’m proud to call these ladies coworkers and friends and I want to wish them all luck as they tackle the challenging yet very rewarding world of kindergarten." Congratulations Mrs. Broady, Mrs. Salas, and Mrs. South!

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Send in those Box Tops! Our last competition has begun!

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Every volunteer at Vienna-Finley needs a completed and processed background check prior to being able to volunteer. Since we have so many amazing volunteers, the number gets large and takes a while to process, so we collect these in April each year to make the process as easy as possible for you. If you or any family member plan to volunteer at school in any capacity, examples include PTO, field trips, Watch DOG, Hero, classroom parties or any other time, please complete and return a background form on or by May 15th. These will be processed over the summer and should be ready to go when school begins in August. Please fill out a form for everyone who thinks they may volunteer, because the process takes several weeks and we wouldn't want anyone to miss an event due to the lack of a background check. The form is attached for you to print as many times as you need, or feel free to pick some up at the VFES office.

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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students are not allowed to bring toys/items from home to play with during recess or to sell. We appreciate your help with this.

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Two great things we love are Vienna-Finley and Chillers! They are teaming up on the first Wednesday of each month. Just mention Vienna-Finley when ordering (all day) and 20% of your sale will go to help our school. Thanks for helping Vienna-Finley and enjoy your Chillers!

We have a great new way to keep in touch at VFES! EventLink!

Tentative Vienna-Finley Calendar

Please note that these are only anticipated dates and are subject to change.
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Updated School Calendar 2017-2018

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The YMCA is cancelled during early dismissal days. More information will be coming from the YMCA.

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Popcorn Fridays!

If you would like your child to receive popcorn, please send in a $1 before 9:00, so we can begin popping and distributing the bags.

The funds generated are donated to a different local agency each month.

What's For LUNCH!

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