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Thank you all for bringing in delicious yumminess this morning to celebrate God and all He does for us!

Prayer Requests January 13, 2013

December 30, 2012
  • Carman - unspoken
  • Pam- for Kevin and Sherri Alewine- Sherri's son, 2nd Lt. Jonathan Foghetti passed away Wed. Jan. 9th. Pray for peace, understanding, strength
  • Melissa- (for herself). Smart thinking and efficient work for end of semester; (mother) pray her wound heals and does not become infected
  • Kim- (for Joe). Pray for job offer with company he interviewed with on Tues.; another company called for an interview this week
  • Ed- selling our Rock Hill house
  • Cindy - unspoken ; only two independent study students to finish 1/3 of the yearbook

Notes From Today's Lesson (my version...feel free to disagree or correct me)

A variety of names for the President

What does each name imply about your relationship with/towards the person

Gen. 1:1-5- God spoke and it was so. The word for God is Elohim -- this word emphasizes God's power

Gen. 1:26-2:3 - "let us" refers to the Trinity; He made us IN His image; we see the male and female attributes; strength and beauty

Gen. 2:7-9- "it is good";

God made us in His image to have a relationship with Him. He also gave us free will to choose to have a relationship with Him.

Gen. 2:18-25 - the creation of life; using the name YHWH ... Use this name to call me this because you have a relationship with me. He created everything else because God spoke. With life, He picked up dust of the ground, like modeling clay, and He formed living things by His hand and breathed life into them. Very personal. Again, He fashioned woman


  • Volunteers to keep children during Preschool children appreciation dinner Friday February 8 6:30 -8:30
  • January 14 pray and fasting for neighbors
  • Jan 20 Sanctity of life Sunday
  • Jan 27 parent child dedication
  • Feb 10 SS directors meeting

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