My Hero

My Aunt Cassie

What Does a Hero To Me Mean?

A hero could be somebody who risks their life or almost dies, but it could also just be somebody who puts your happiness first.

Why She Is My Hero

For four years she's been risking her life and living all the way in Afghanistan while in the Air Force.
She always had rally cool stories to tell, and because she's a nurse she helped me when I twisted my wrist.

Coming Home

Another reason why she's my hero is, she's full of surprises. When she comes home she usually just shoes up with brownies without warning anybody (besides my mom and dad).
One thing that I really liked was when I was in third grade, and it was just a normal day, and my teacher said their was a guest. My Aunt Cassie surprised me (well after she told me who she was, I didn't recognize her right away).
Although she may not have been risking her life in that situation, I still feel like that made her even more of a hero, because she always went one step further to make others happy.