Greatest Country

Is Canada the greatest country to live in?

Why is Canada the greatest country to live in?

Us Canadians, know that Canada is an amazing country to live in. Slowly and slowly, the rest of the world is realizing that Canada is a fantastic country. Canada has good stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education, etc. Canada has plenty job opportunities for different people with different skills. Canada claimed the top spot on the survey of 55 different countries. Keep reading to find out why Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world.

Immigration, First Nations, Aboriginals

Canada is a very welcoming country to any new immigrants no matter of the race, religion or culture. Recently, our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, welcomed a lot of refugees from Syria into our country. This shows that Canada is a very welcoming country to anyone and everyone. They also provided shelter, food, clothing and other daily essentials for these refugees. This is one of the examples of how welcoming Canada is. The more welcoming a country is, the greater it is. In this case, Canada is very great because it's very welcoming. Canada is also known for it's diverse cultures, religion and beliefs. Canada has many First Nations and Aboriginals living in it. We are very welcoming to these First Nations. We give them their own land, and their own area. If Canada wasn't welcoming to different and new people, we wouldn't have a tremendous amount of people in our country. We would have a very low population and no one would want to immigrate here. Due to our welcoming tradition, many people would love to come to Canada which is one of the reason to why it's the greatest country to live in.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters

Another thing that makes Canada a great country to live in is the climate. Here in Canada, it's not too cold nor to hot. It doesn't snow to the point where people want to leave. The average temperature in the summer is 22 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in the winter in Canada is -6 degrees Celsius. Due to this unique climate, we don't get a lot of natural disasters in our country. Usually a natural disaster like avalanche, comes in low temperatures and high amount of snow Here is Canada, it's nearly impossible for an avalanche to happen because it's not that cold nor does it snow that much. Another natural disaster that our country's climate prevents us from having is an earthquake. The location of Canada is in a very good place that prevents us from many other natural disasters that may occur. Our climate makes Canada very diverse and a very unique country to live in.

Canada's Natural Resources

Canada has many natural resources that we rely on for everyday use. Most of our energy is powered by hydro electricity which means that we can keep using it. Many countries don't have enough water to have hydro power. Fortunately, Canada isn't one of those countries, which gives us another reason as to why it's the greatest country to live in. Here in Canada, we have a lot of natural resources left compared to many of the other countries in the world. This gives a reason as to why people should live in Canada. Edmonton, one of the cities in Alberta, Canada, mines the oil for Canada. We don't need to rely on other countries for oil or other natural resources. Since many other countries have to do that, they will run out of resources faster than Canada will. Our supply of natural resources is another reason as to why Canada is an amazing country to live in.

Urban Sprawl

Another reason why Canada is the greatest country to live in is because most parts of Canada are an Urban community. This is good because it's more convenient for everyone. It's convenient because everything is close by. No one has to drive to the other side of the city to reach an important destination. For example, hospitals are closer, schools are walking distance, the grocery stores are close, etc. In Urban areas, there are more job opportunities. This is because, since in Urban areas, everything is closer, many people can get jobs in hospitals, schools, stores etc. Urban communities have a better lifestyle compared to Rural communities. Since most of Canada is an Urban, everyone in Canada will have an easy lifestyle because everything will be close by. This another reason as to why Canada is an amazing country to live in.


To conclude, Canada is the greatest country to live in. This is because of our immigration services, our climate, our natural resources, and our Urban community. I hope this gave you all the reasoning as to why I find Canada a fantastic country to live in. Slowly and slowly more and more people will realize that Canada is an amazing country and the population will grow drastically.


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