Odette's Secrets

By: Maryann Macdonald


A young girl named Odette is living in a tough time. The Nazi are taking over and her father has been taken away to a camp. Which has left her and her mother. Her mother has to decided to send her away to keep her safe or keep her with her. She goes to America and lives with her new family. She is worried her mother won't ever come back and visit her. Will her mother come back? Will the nazi find her?


The theme of this book is trust. Odette has to trust her mother to know what's best for her. When she gets sent to America without her mother, even though it was her mothers decision she has to trust her that she would be safe. When she goes to America she has to trust her new family to keep her secret also. Odette has to trust herself that the secrets that she keeps will help her not to be killed.


I chose to research Nazi Party, while I was researching this is the information I found. Hitler was trying to evacuate the Jewish people because her thought it would make Germany a better place. He took the Jewish people to camps to work them hard so that they would die.


I think his book connects with what I researched. The article said that the nazi tried to take the Jewish people, mainly men to a camp. Odette's dad was taken away to a camp. The article also said people where getting taken away from there family. Odette was taken away from her family for a little while.