Don't play on a boys sports team

imagine this scenario One day a girl name Sarah all the sudden Sarah becomes intrigued on joining a sports team but there are no girls teams available so she would have to join a boys team. She also has no experience with the sport but you sign her up anyway cause she interested and won't stop bugging you. You drop her off and after practice you pick her up and you ascertain that she's in immense pain because of the advantages boys have . So the point of this was to show you why girls should not be allowed to play on boys sports teams.

Girls should never be able to play in boy's sports teams because after puberty boys tend to have more body muscle. Because of that girls are more likely to get injured. According to women's sports foundation in order to play Sports with boy safely. They must match up to there size, skill, and strength but most likely that will not happen due to the male hormones. A personal experience I've had with playing with girls playing on a boys sports teams was girls spend more time on the sidelines. Girls would most likely get more playing time if they played along with girls on a girls team. While on the other hand boys were usually the ones putting in effort.

Wellesley college students have done a investigation on 362 girls on what makes their confidence and self-esteem higher. Girls between the age of 6 and 18, nearly half said that the activity that made them feel good was athletics. But that could also can backfire as well because if girls lose to a boys or a girls it could also decrease self-esteem confidence according to News day editorial: don't mix boys, girls in sports " at the high school level, girls should be banned from boys teams and boys should be banned from girls teams. It's the only truly fair way to deal with this issue and level way to deal with this issue. This is a fair statement because of all the problems going on girls joining sports teams why not just end it all by banning all girls from boys teams and banning all boys from boys teams
Some people argue that girls should be able to play on boys sports teams because girls have the same qualities as boys such as skill and size. However, once boys reach puberty, it is unfair for boys to compete against girls due to the male hormones, boys develop more muscle mass and therefore, are stronger. Allowing girls to play against boys can cause injuries to girls.
Therefore, girls should not be able on boys sports teams because they do not have the same physical attributes as boys. It would be a horrible judgment to let girls on boys sports teams. So the right thing to do is save time, money, and a trip to the emergency by forbidding girls to play on boys sports teams