Cattle trails and Cowboys

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Great Western Cattle Trail

The Great Western Cattle Trail began in during the 19th century. It began in Texas. During this a wagon would lead the cattle. Also there would be a herd of around 3,000 cattle. And to keep the herd together there would only be around 10 cowboys to guide them. Then in about three months the cattle are ready to board the train to get where they are needed. The cattle drives ended in 1890.
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Chisholm Trail

The Chisholm Trail started in Abilene, Texas and ended in Dodge City, Kansas.The trail was flat with no towns, hills, or wooded areas. Ranchers who owned cattle used barbed fences to make sure the cattle do not escape. When the cattle got where they were needed they were sold in the city. But thy were also sold in the farm area, but for a different price. The city would have to pay around 40 dollars, and the farm areas around 4 dollars.
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In the 1800 cowboys got paid 25 to 30 dollars a month.Cowboys wore chaps and boots to protect them from thorny bushes. Cowboys also wore a hat to keep the sun out of their eyes. And they wore a bandanna to keep the sun from burning their necks. Cowboys began a series of trail drives. Cowboys got paid for moving the cattle to the places they are needed and for caring for the cattle along the way.