Person of the Year: Andrew Jackson

Article Written By: Kathryn Pua

Jackson Torments and Destroys Native Americans Shamelessly

Andrew Jackson, the heartless monster that tore the hearts of many Native Americans. Jackson hated the Native Americans and thought that they were in the way of eastern development. So Jackson decided to get rid of the Native Americans through the Indian Removal Act. In 1838 and 1839, as part of Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Native Americans were forced to move out of their homes and to carry all of there belongings that they wanted to be kept to Oklahoma. Oklahoma had flat land, hot weather, and was trash compared to their native land.

The journey to Oklahoma was not pleasant at all and was known as 'The Trail of Tears'. On the journey, many died from food poisoning from the food given by Jackson, diseases,and becoming too weak from the tiring journey. Many kids, adults, and elderly had died and harsh officers wouldn't even allow family members to bury their loved ones or have a proper goodbye.

Jackson killed many, with no shame and claimed that he was doing it for the good of the common man. Jackson just sugar coated something to look so harmless, when in reality, he created a catastrophe and not only took the land from the natives, but took life from them.


The Supreme Court, headed by John Marshall, ruled that Georgia couldn't deal with the Native Americans. Only the federal government could. But Jackson ignored the supreme courts ruling and Jackson persecuted many Natives and enforced the Indian Removal Act. Jackson does not care for anyone's opinion unless it's the same as his.

Jackson was so unfair that he even gave government jobs to his friends and to people who voted for him, which became known as the spoils system. The spoils system made the government become extremely unfair and corrupt because no one had a chance to get good at their job.

Jackson Does Things Without Thinking...

Jackson took all the money out of the National Bank and gave it to all the pet banks. Jackson did not think his plan through and caused a complete disaster. Pet Banks made loans to unqualified people, who could not pay them back. The economy plummeted and many people had gone bankrupt.

Jackson's got Anger Issues

In 1828 South Carolina tried to nullify a tariff on imported goods.John Calhoun, Jackson's vice president agreed with his home state of this matter. And Jackson became very unhappy with Calhoun and even threatened to hang him and South Carolinian's!