I cant stop reading this historical book called Nanberry because it was very interesting as well as exciting. This popular book was so intreiging it made it so hard to stay away from the book. When the book ended I was devastated. This book was so well detailed and the characters were wounderful and had so much to them to learn about. I learnt so much about this book as well as Australian History. I highly recommend this book, it teaches you almost all you need to know about the first fleet.
Jackie French made the story come to life! She made this book so intreging and super detailed. I learnt so much about history and what it felt like back in those times of the first fleet. You should read this story and go on a great adventure back in the first fleet.
This book is a historical and educational book that helps you learn about the first fleet. This book teaches you almost everything you need to know about times back in the settlement. you also learn how the british had to live in Australia in 1788, plus what food they had to eat and what clothes they had to wear.
There are many significant characters in this book Nanberry. I personally love these funny characters, and the journy they went on as well as the way they lived and the actual land they lived on. these characters and are very significant in australian history and have so much to learn about.
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To finish this discussion, you should read this book because it helps so much with your education on australian history. Trust me this book is very helpfull and super exciting, it made me want to read it more and more each day that is why i give this book a five start.