Coyote Watch Canada

A Song Dog Celebration

Our Event is around the corner!

Our fundraiser is fast approaching!

Join our CWC Family in celebrating the natural wonders of Niagara.

We are an all volunteer not for profit that relies soley on community donations to continue our vital work for people & wildlife. Please help support our Community Outreach Initiatives which includes our Municipal Wildlife Strategy Framework, and our In-School Co-existence Education Programs! Our Coyote Response Team provides critical on site commuity assistance & wildlife support and rescue.

Honoured guest address by Mayor Jim Diodati.

Come enjoy the market offerings of native artist & storyteller Star Otter, Rick Lamplugh, four signed editions of his best selling book 'In the Temple of Wolves', Billy Jack's fine art, Jacqeline Milner Visual Art & Photography , designed expressions from UK Artist Jane Lee McCracken and local artist Jan Yates.

Shop & sample incredible products from Shannon Passero designs, Aegis skin care, GUD Juice with Karim Ramos, Face Paint by Erin, craftspeople, animal and nature groups and organizations. Introducing the launch of the book 'Kin Song', with poetry by Mark Widrlechner from Silver Line Editions. Kin Song also featuring photography by Ann Brokelman. Books are $20 each.

All proceeds go towards fostering community outreach initiatives for Coyote Watch Canada.




White Oaks Spa & Resort 253 TAYLOR RD NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ON

A Song Dog Celebration

Saturday, May 23rd, 6-10pm

253 Taylor Road

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON