Instructional Technology Support

Where's Tim Sudovsky?

Tim will be having back surgery next week and will be on medical leave for the remainder of the school year. We hope he has a speedy recovery and will miss his contributions to our team. The rest of the Instructional Technology team, Jayne Germany, Merriam Wyne and Ann Crosby, is here to step in and support your campus in his absence. Our goal is to maintain your current level of support, but in a different way.

The 4-1-1 on Getting Support

Our Team is Here to Support You

  • Instructional Technology Lead, Ann Crosby, will be your first point of contact and will handle all support requests.
  • Your campus support calendar will not be followed during Tim's absence. This means Ann will not be on your campus for full days.
  • All support needs can be requested by email or via the request form (see button below).
  • Ann will respond to requests and arrange for a team member to meet with you for a time that works for your needs.
  • Instructional Technology Team: Ann Crosby, Jayne Germany, Merriam Wyne

Can Ann Really Help Me?

Yes! I have extensive knowledge as a secondary classroom teacher and Instructional Technology Lead. I have been with LISD Instructional Technology for 3 years and am currently responsible for all central zone secondary campuses. I hold a masters degree in Instructional Technology and have taught technology applications at the high school level. I am very excited to work with all LHS teachers in integrating technology in meaningful ways to benefit LISD students.