Wilson's Weekly

Dec. 18-22, 2017


On Monday, the students will learn about order of operations as they solve Math problems with parentheses. They'll also be taking the I-Ready Reading Diagnostic Test to see how much progress they have made since the end of 1st Quarter. Afterward, they'll use their Chromebook to research and take notes on their informational writing topic. In the afternoon, we'll discuss the responsibilities that come with being a United States citizen.


Tuesday, the students will learn how to solve division problems that have a remainder. We'll also discuss what helping verbs are. During our Writing time, I will model for the students how to organize and create Chapter 1. We'll arrange the facts in sequential order, choose a hook, and write our rough draft of Ch. 1. Later, the students will complete the Citizenship Review. Afterward, we'll go over the correct answers to the review.


The students will begin the day by participating in a game of Kahoot. After reviewing with the Kahoot, they'll take their Citizenship Test. That afternoon, we will be getting together with our first grade buddies to do a Christmas activity. Afterward, the kids will have their Marble Party Celebration. Before our Winter Party, we will be gathering & participating in an activity with the other classes in our Tiger Shark Pod. Our Winter Party will begin at 3:15p.m.

Marble Party Celebration

The students have succeeded in filling our marble jar. They have received 25 compliments for their good behavior, great citizenship, and other note-worthy accomplishments. We will celebrate this achievement on Wednesday afternoon. The students have voted to wear pj's & have an electronics party. They may bring other electronic devices besides their Chromebook as long as they have your permission.

Winter Party

Our Winter Party will be on Wednesday afternoon beginning at 3:15p.m. I would like to invite you to join us in the classroom where you can enjoy the activities along with your child.

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, Dec. 19 - GKC Reading Celebration & Specials Free Day 11:05-11:55a.m.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 19 - Art Club 4:10p.m.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 - Specials Day 0 11:05-11:55a.m.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 - Activity with 1st grade buddies 12:45-1:15p.m.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 - Marble Party Celebration 1:20-2:15p.m.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 - Winter Party 3:15-3:45p.m.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 - End of 2nd Quarter
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 - Garden Club (green & yellow) 4:10p.m.
  • Winter Break - Dec. 21-Jan.2 (NO SCHOOL) (Class will resume on Jan. 3.)