Fantastic Fourth Grade

Week of March 9th

Important Reminders

  • Monday we go to the Symphony! Students need to dress nice. (no shorts)
  • Monday is Chess and Scrabble.
  • 1st Grade Practice Musical is Tuesday at 2:00 and the real one is Wednesday at 6:00.
  • Spring Break is March 16th through the 20th.

If your child would like to change clothes after Symphony, please send them with an extra outfit.


Next week we will take a practice Math STAAR test on Tuesday. Help your child by making sure they get enough sleep and eat breakfast.

We are starting our unit on financial literacy. We will look at the money structure, where to keep your money, and how to budget your money next week. Students will learn how to create a budget and the importance of what they should spend money on. We do have a computer program from the Texas Education Agency to help them learn financial literacy. The program is called Clay Piggy. The students will get their log-in and password on Thursday.

Just a reminder that the students already have a computer program from the Texas Education Agency to help them build their problem solving skills. ThinkThroughMath is the program. The students should know their log-in. It is a great program to help reinforce skills they have learned this year. Their usernames are their first initial, last name, and 402. Their passwords are student.

Spring Break is almost here!


We are continuing our unit of life science. We are looking at producers, consumers, and decomposers. We will look at food webs and food chains.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or email me!