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Week of February 1, 2016

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Our mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment to become socially and academically successful.

Week at a Glance-School Counselor's Week

Monday, February 1

  • SBDM meeting in Library at 3:45
  • Begin PDSA with one subject this week

Tuesday, February 2

  • Kerri @ ILT
  • Camp Meeting at 6:00 in cafeteria

Wednesday, February 3

  • CBA Writing test should be given today and scanned in AWARE
Thursday, February 4
  • Jump Rope for Heart Kick-Off in Cafeteria at 2:15-Encourage your kids to wear red!
Friday, February 5
  • Collaboratives for Math and Reading in PLC room-come prepared with spreadsheet filled in! We will rearrange groups as needed.
  • Kids that are performing at Meyerson leave at 2:00 PM from school
  • End of 3 Weeks period-Grades due by 8:00 AM next Tuesday

Saturday, February 6

  • Meyerson perfomance
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THANKS Michelle for all you do for our students, staff and community!

Shout Outs!

  • Thanks to our LOL team for meeting with all teachers before school on Wenesday or after school on Thursday so that we make sure everyone is informed of tier 1 priorities, budget and other important items.
  • Thanks Kathryn, Karen, Sheri and Carolyn for all of your hard work getting our BOB team prepared for the competition. Our kiddos did great considering we started our team so late due to now having books or a librarian to promote the books. Our team only missed 16 questions out of 45 and came in 8th place. I am VERY proud of the teachers and students for all of your work. There a couple of things other schools did to get to the top. Teachers/Staff members (not just coaches) read different BOB books and had "book talks" at lunch with the kids. There was a focus on vocabulary in the books. Students were introduced to the books in the spring and started reading then and over the summer. We can all help our team and in turn help all of our students get excited about and better in reading!
  • Thanks Magaly for covering classes again! She covered first grade for Stacy so she could go watch Gabriel on BOB day and for Michelle on Friday when subs did not pick up. We really appreciate her help! Thanks to Jenny for covering Kathryn's class on Friday when again a sub did not pick up.
  • Thanks to teachers for stepping out and trying new things with technology! Check out Spotlight on Technology in this newsletter.
  • Thanks to Deedra and Jenny for planning our "Souper" Bowl luncheon. LaShall won first place in the cook-off!
  • Thanks to RHBC for our great luncheon on Friday.
  • Thanks for teachers for sharing pictures with me of things going on in your classroom.
  • Thanks to Michelle Green for her training on UPSC. I also appreciate all of you participating in the meeting and your willingness to share.

Technolgoy Spotlight!

  • Fourth grader has been using Chatterpix to make their reports on famous Texas. They also used technology to research! Way to step out and try a new ap!
  • Kathryn's second graders have been using the Story Kit ap on the iPad to create informational stories about plants. Thanks for your willingness to try this new ap too! They are also using the SMARTboard to practice vocabulary/spelling and the computers for reading fluency. She had three-fourths of her class on technology during work stations.
  • Third grade is allowing their GT students to get on their Google accounts to extend their learning when the students finish up their work. Thanks to Audra for setting up ways for these students to differentiate their learning in class. Third grade is also using audacity to record tests and other assignments for their dyslexic and SPED students This is a great way to provide accommodations for your student's with learning disabilities and empowers the students in their learning. Jeff came out to teach them how to set this up. The teachers and students both LOVE it! It also helps the students get ready for STAAR A and OA.
  • Remember to check out Symbaloo under resources on the digital learning webpage: Find your grade level's info by clicking on your grade on the far right side of the page.
  • Check out "my story" ap for another easy way for students to create books.
  • Want to try the SMARTboard but don't have time to look for resource or make them. Check this out for more student interaction on the board: for grades 3-5 and for grades K-2.
  • Catilyn Wilkinson knows how to lock the computer on one ap so that students don't wander around on things you don't want them to. It is called guided access under settings. She can show you how it works if you are interested at our next staff meeting. I am going to ask anyone that uses it, to use the passcode 1234 only so we can unlock any iPad.

Tibits of Info

  • Everyone should have a PDSA board posted in your room and attempt the process with one subject.
  • Please make sure you are using the UPSC strategies that we learned about last week. Also, make sure you have a UPSC board posted in your classroom.
  • I really don't want to become the "jeans" police. I know that everyone LOVES to wear jeans. When we have a jeans day, you must participate in the spirit day to wear jeans. Please do not ruin this for everyone by not following the rules. If you do not participate in the spirit day then you must wear professional clothing. For example: Wednesday was Jersey day. I only had about half the staff wear jerseys, but almost everyone wore jeans. The same thing happened on Friday. You may only wear jeans with a spirit shirt.
  • This Friday we will be discussing students and looking at movement of tiers. Please come prepared with your spreadsheet filled out. Your sheet should have 6 weeks grades for the first three six weeks, the STAR math screener scores for BOY and MOY, the STAR 360 for MOY, six weeks test scores, DRA scores or any other pertinent info that will help us make decisions on placement. When we met a couple of weeks ago, some teachers came without their data scanned in AWARE. We are very limited on time, so we all need to be prepared when we meet.
  • Budget items for your grade level or program are due Feb. 12th. The sooner you can get the info to me the better. If you need additional forms, please look in the 106 teach on your desktop under 2015-16 Important Information.
  • Looking below at the calendar, we have a bunch of testing coming up. I said that in this six weeks, you could use the CBA in place of the 4th six weeks test IF you felt it tested what you taught. Your grade level should be pulling the CBA blueprints and clarifying documents to see the TEKS that will be tested. If you can't get a clear understanding of how your students are progressing in the 4th six weeks, then you may need to pull together some additional test items. If you need help with tests, please see Michelle and Pam. These ladies are always happy to collaborate with you. Chad can also help you on how to pull items to get a score in AWARE. We need to be using "grid-able" items on a regular basis on tests. There is a way to do this in AWARE too. We can get you directions or help you with this too in the upper grade levels.
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Upcoming Events

  • Feb. 8-Staff Meeting-All EAs that work with students plan on attending this meeting
  • Feb 8-MOY Collaborative Forms should be updated in AWARE-Tiers should be turned in to Chad
  • Feb. 9-4th Grade goes to Opera
  • Feb. 9-District Spelling Bee-Good Luck Gabriel!
  • Feb. 9-Grades due for Progress Reports by 8:00 AM
  • Feb. 10-Art/PLC-Dawn Fielder will meet with you in your classrooms duirng your conference. Meet in GT room during your ART time (This is tentative).
  • Feb. 12-Valentine's Dance
  • Feb. 13-Cupstacking contest
  • Feb.12-Last day for grade levels/programs to turn in budget requests
  • Feb. 17-Campus Visit-Dr. Clark, David Holland, & Jamie Smith
  • Feb. 17-5th Grade Math CBA
  • Feb. 18-5th Grade Reading CBA
  • Feb. 18-Founder's Day Dinner
  • Feb. 19-PTA fundraiser kick off @1:45
  • Feb 19th-Book Fair begins
  • Feb. 22-Staff Meeting
  • Feb. 23-Grades 2-4 Reading CBA
  • Feb. 25-Grade 2-5 SS CBA
  • Feb. 26-End of 5th Six Weeks
  • March 2-Grades 2-4 Math CBA
  • March 3-Grades 2-5 Science CBA

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