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our amazing attractions

First, our inspiring olymppic stadium stands in the center of London Eye way. The firey cube has six bright walls or faces, and it's eight sharp points or in other words a verticie. Now thier are twelve edges that hold this shape together to keep it strong. Next in the center of attention is Big Ben, this rectangular prisim has six gold faces,and eight verticies . Twelve edges help this land mark stay put o big ben lane. Now we are talking the wonderful bridge. The bridge is home for many activities, some people even liketo find how many faces, verticies, and edges. Studys say that there are three faces, no verticies, and two edges that help this bridge upon Orange street. Finally the office is held in the back on Main lane. The office has four sturdy faces that are all triangle. This also has six edges, that have the building on top of the rest. Again there is a sphere standing on the water tower that has one face one virtcie and an edge. And the ball standing on the top presents a ball or sphere with only one face. Hope you come visit London!

our awesome 2-D shapes

come to our city!!!!

If you want to have the best time of your life come to London! We have intercecting roads for example main lane and olympic road. We also have perpindecular roads like london eye way and big ben parkway. And we even have paralell roads like big ben parkway and double decker drive.