Citizenship Education 101

How To Be A Good US Citizen

Good Citizenship


  1. Freedom to express yourself
  2. Right to vote
  3. Right to fare trial by jury
  4. Right to run for office
  5. Freedom to pursue "Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness

A Good Citizen is...

Every citizen has certain duties and responsibilities to uphold. Probably the most important duty every citizen has to uphold is to obey society's laws. If you are under 18 you must also attend a school. Every person will eventually be called to serve on a jury also this is required by law. Make sure you pay your taxes to stay out of trouble with the IRS. The final duty every citizen should uphold is to respect all other citizens.

Responsibilities of citizens are not required by law to do, you have the choice to do these. For instance you have the responsibility to support and defend our nations Constitution. You also have the responsibility to improve your local community you can do this by volunteering. You are also able to express your opinion on issues to help influence the government. If you want a candidate to win an election by voting and supporting them. These are the duties and responsibilities of a good citizen.



Far Left- Means you want more government intervention

Far Right- Means you want less government intervention

Liberal- Believe in less government intervention on social issues in more government intervention on economic issues

Conservatives- Believe in more government intervention on social issuesand less government in economic issues

Independent- Do not favor one side

Political Parties Positions on Key Issues

Business Bailouts

  • Republicans and Libertarians say if a business is failing let it fail
  • Democrats and The Green Party believe if they don't get bailed out we will go into another great depression


  • Republicans and Libertarians believe that parents should be able to use their tax money for any school they want their kids to go to and schools should compete for those kids
  • Democrats believe in the public school system but want schools to be competitive for funding
  • The Green Party believes that every kid no matter if they rich or poor should have the right to education and there should be funding for college students



  • Be a United States citizen
  • At least 18 years old by the general election date
  • be a resident of a precinct for at least 30 days
  • must have two forms of identification


  • Apply at town office 10 days before election day or on election day
  • Elections held at the Multipurpose Room